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17 Year Old Dies After Ingesting a Poisonous Substance

A seventeen-year-old graduate of the Presentation Brothers College (PBC) died in hospital four days after allegedly ingesting a poisonous substance.

According to information reaching the Grenada Informer, the young recent graduate from the PBC was discovered unconscious at his home last Monday by a family member. He was rushed to the General Hospital where he remained in critical condition until his death on Friday.

While family members continue to grieve over the passing of their loved one, many are still baffled as to why the young man chose the path he did.

Informer spoke to the Principal of the Presentation Brothers Colleges Mr Dominic Jeremiah via telephone on Wednesday. He dubbed the young man’s death as a loss not only to his immediate family but also the entire PBC fraternity.

The school principal said while the truth behind what had actually happened may never be known, the loss of the young man will be felt by the school for a very long time. According to him, the young man, like most young men of his age had his challenges but generally was a decent young man, had a good relationship with his fellow students and teachers and was with his peers even hours before he was rushed to the General Hospital.

 The principal took the opportunity to extend sympathy on behalf of the entire school to the bereaved family and commended the parents for the supportive role they had played in the young man’s life throughout his tenure at the school and even the final moments of his life.

 Informer also spoke to other members of the community who continue to remain puzzled over the incident.

One young man who opted not to be named told our news desk that having recently sat final exams at school, he finds it difficult to come to grips with the reasoning behind the act. He noted that although he is not prepared to speculate one should not brush aside anything since any simple thing could have triggered such action.

 Informer also learned that at the time the deadly substance was ingested, the young man was alone in the house. This newspaper was told that days after, as he was being treated at the General Hospital the young man appeared to have made significant progress. He had regained consciousness to the point that he was able to communicate to some extent verbally and in writing but later succumbed to the ravages of the substance.  

 The death of this seventeen-year-old came just over one month after a sixteen-year-old in the south of the Island met her death under similar circumstances.

 Meanwhile, a call to the Community Relations Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force confirmed that both matters are under investigation.