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4 Babies Born On New Years Day

4 Babies Born On New Years Day

Four babies were born to four mothers on New Year’s Day 1st January; the first for the year 2019; three boys and one girl.

First baby of the year was born at 4:45 am on the morning to a mom from La Tante St. David’s; the 2nd baby boy was born 5 minutes later at 4:50 am, the third, around midday, 12:55 and the 4th baby the lone female was born 11: 43 pm.

Two of the four mothers were first time mothers; they expressed their gratitude to nurses who gave them instructions, which they followed so that their delivery could be successful. All mothers and babies at the time of publication were in great health. Three were discharged on Wednesday 2nd January and were very excited to go home with their bundles of joy.

The Republic Bank handed over a basket of baby supplies to the mothers and each baby also received gift certificates from the bank in the sum of $100 per child. This will help in setting up an account with the bank for the babies so that they can start saving from as early as possible. The mothers express their gratitude for the gesture. The Republic Bank has been doing this for over 10 years and pledge that they will continue along this road every year to the New Years babies.