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61 Year Old Charged With 9 Counts Of Sexual Offenses Against Minors

61 Year Old Charged With 9 Counts Of Sexual Offenses Against Minors

Sixty-one-year-old Lloyd Roberts, a St. Patrick resident made his second court appearance at the Sauteurs Magistrate Court in St. Patrick on Tuesday, following a string of charges laid against him involving sexual offences against minors. 

He was represented by an attorney-at-law Arley Gill.

He was charged with nine counts of sex crimes involving minors. He had appeared at the Grenville Magistrate Court on Friday 29th June 2018, having been charged by Sauteurs police with one count of indecent assault, one count of sexual intercourse with a person under thirteen years, two counts of rape and five counts of sexual intercourse with a female between the ages of thirteen and sixteen.

On Tuesday he made his 2nd court appearance in Sauteurs before magistrate Karen Noel where bail was granted to him.

The father of one of the children spoke to the Grenada Informer. He said he’s the one that alerted the police and Child Protection services after he visited his daughter to drop off some items for her. He said at the time of his visit he was told by his daughter’s mother that his daughter was at the home of the accused and he went immediately to get her but was told she was not there. He was, however, later alerted by a neighbour that she was in fact in the house. Upon hearing that he reversed his bus toward the home. In doing so he saw his daughter run out of Roberts’ house followed by a half-naked Roberts. The minor’s father said he questioned Roberts who had previously told him that the child wasn’t there. The accused, he said, told him that the child had asked him to tell her father that she was not there. 

The incident occurred about two weeks ago in the La Taste area in St. Patrick. Roberts is also accused of sexually molesting two other children. 

The father further stated that’s when he realized the matter was a cause for concern because to him, something was not right. He said he reported the matter to the relevant authorities, and the child was later interviewed. The minor now has been moved to a different parish whilst investigations proceed. 

According to the mother of the child, she was not aware of the accused behaviour and had not seen any warning signs from the children involved that they were being sexually molested.

Roberts was granted bail in the sum of $50,000.00 with two sureties. He was also ordered by the court to relocate from his present community. He was further ordered to have no communication with the defendants and the witnesses. 

He’s due to make his next appearance in court on  August 22.