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Another family made homeless due to house fire

Another family made homeless due to house fire

“Everything is gone, not sure what to do as I was about to return home now it gone and I have no place to live.”

Words from Concord resident Mrs Lydia Phillip speaking to members of the media last Friday hours after she was greeted with the news that her home in which she was due to return to live had gone up in flames.

 Phillip told reporters that at time of the fire she was living in the south of the island, however, due to change in circumstances she decided to return to her home in Concord. She said on Wednesday she went with her niece, to get the place ready for her return on Thursday only to be greeted with the news on Thursday afternoon that the house was burnt to the ground.

Phillip told reporters “I am looking at it but I still cannot believe it,” she said while she is not able to put a cost to her loss, it could run into thousands of dollars since everything inside including her refrigerator, chair set and others are all gone.

When asked what’s her next move Phillip responded by saying that “that is in God’s hands, I am presently in a rented house and the landlord already indicated that she is coming to repair her house, so now I have no place to stay.”

Phillip said fortunately for her some of her personal belongings are still with her having yet to move them from the rented house, however, with no place to call home, she said she is left with another situation on her hands.

 One eyewitness, David John told the media he was inside his house sleeping when he heard a loud noise, he said he looked outside and all he had to do was run for safety as the fire had already engulfed the other house.

When asked whether any effort was made to save the house he said, it would have been a waste of time, because the fire was raging.

John said it was clear to him that the fire started below the house and moved up.

Although not certain who, John said prior to the start of the fire someone was below the house, according to him he thought it was the owner hence his reason for not calling out or looking at the face.  

 Meanwhile, up until press time, the police was yet to make a determination as to the actual cause of the fire nor was anyone arrested.

Last Friday’s fire brought to five the number of house fires to have occurred in the final two weeks of the month of May.