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Arson And Suicide Suspected as Mt. Rich House burns

A wooden house in the village of Mt Rich in St. Patrick’s went up in flames last weekend, while the body of its occupant was discovered meters away from the burnt out house close to the Mt. Rich River. 

A source says the deceased, Mentrod Bernard who villagers speculate to be in his mid-fifties, had lost a court battle with relatives over a disputed house and lands and was ordered by the court to vacate the premises within a prescribed number of days.

The source says that the now deceased may have attempted to obtain the property through illegal means, which caused the matter to end up in court in the first place.

Following the court matter sometime last Thursday, Bernard is said to have gone back to the house and neighbors were of the view that he may have gone there to remove his belongings. They had no knowledge that he may have had a different agenda. 

Later that day the house went up in flames and persons in the immediate community were concerned that Bernard may have perished in the fire but after a thorough search of the burnt-out house realized that he was not there and could not be found.  The search continued after traces of faeces were discovered along a trace to the river which led to his body.

Speculations are that the deceased may have consumed the deadly herbicide Gramoxone.