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Australia KFC Apologizes For Racially Perceived Commercial

CaribWorldNews, LONDON, England, Fri. Jan. 8, 2010: KFC Australia has apologized for a commercial depicting an outnumbered white cricket fan handing out fried chicken to appease a group of dancing, drumming and singing West Indian supporters.

`Need a tip when you`re stuck in an awkward situation?` Mick, the actor asks. He then passes round a bucket of KFC chicken, the drumming stops and he remarks: `Too easy.` The ad was aired on the `KFC`s cricket survival guide.`

The apology comes following complaints about racial insensitivity across the U.S. 

In a statement, KFC apologised for any offence caused by the clip which created a stir on YouTube and drew criticism since fried chicken is associated with age-old racist stereotypes about blacks in the once segregated south.

`While we believe this light-hearted commercial has been well understood by Australian cricket fans, to avoid the possibility of any further offence being caused by the advertisement here or online overseas, KFC will cease running the commercial immediately,` said the restaurant chain.

It added: `KFC Australia apologizes unreservedly for any offence caused which of course was wholly unintended.`