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Fogging Needed In Telescope And Surrounding Areas

Residents from the village of Telescope are calling on the Ministry of Health to send a fogging team under the Vector Control Division to carry out fogging in the village.

The rainy season has just begun and according to the residents, there has already been a vast increase in the mosquito population, which is already wreaking havoc.

Telescope is one of the rural villages, which once had a dump site, and there are still areas surrounding that site where large pools of stagnant water can be observed whenever it rains heavily, creating perfect breathing grounds for the mosquito population.

Around this time of the year, the inspection team usually visits the village to ensure that residents are doing what is necessary, like getting rid of old containers and tires around their homes, which holds water and create breathing grounds for mosquitoes.

 This visit by the ministry is followed by the fogging team, which to residents helps a great deal in eradicating mainly the adult mosquitoes.

Last year when the team visited Telescope and surrounding areas the mosquito population decreased significantly residents said. 

One other area, which needs urgent attention, is the Town of Grenville where stagnant water can be observed in the drains and canals.

Disease spread by the Aedes Egypti mosquito such as Dengue fever is life-threatening, said a health official.