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Four Persons Awarded For Their Outstanding Contribution

Four Persons Awarded For Their Outstanding Contribution

Four persons were acknowledged and awarded on Tuesday with a ceremony at the residence of Governor General Dame Cecile La Grenade as part of the 2018 Independence Awards. 

Mr Adrian Mitchell was awarded for contribution to sports. Mitchell attended the Presentation Brothers’ College where he participated in track, cricket and football becoming the football captain there and was also involved in many other clubs at the school.

In the early 70’s he joined his family in Brooklyn New York where he played football for the Grenadian football team and returned to Grenada in 1987 following the death of his father. He rekindled his love for sports, playing and administrating football, cricket, track and basketball. 

He’s currently the CEO of Hard Rock Sports Club, which has won five Premier Division championships and several 2nd and 3rd place finishes in the Premier Division. In 2005 Mitchell was elected as the representative for St. Patrick’s East and was appointed Minister of Youth, Sports, Culture and Community Development. His aim is to better prepare Grenadian sportsmen and women for the new era of professional sports.

Ms Veronica Nadica Mc Intyre was posthumously awarded the Spice Island Award for contribution in Sports. Veronica Nadica Mc Intyre started her career as a primary school teacher in 1974 and then worked as the record librarian at Radio Grenada. She continued her public service career working in several ministries making her way up to the senior level retiring from the post of Cabinet Secretary. Her illustrious career covered several ministries as the Permanent Secretary. She was well known for her sporting achievements and was one of two females to represent Grenada in three individual sporting disciplines; netball, cricket and table tennis. She represented Grenada on the regional and international levels as an outstanding sportswoman. 

She was a member of the first National Table Tennis Team to participate in a Caribbean Tournament in 1974, Captain of the Grenada women’s cricket team 1974- 1991, and second Grenadian to be selected to the West Indies Women’s Cricket Team. Nadica was a pioneer for many women and served on several bodies in executive capacities including being the first female elected to the executive of the Grenada Cricket Association, the first female Deputy Director of the National Insurance Scheme among others. 

Ms. McIntyre also served on several boards and organizations. Veda Bruno-Victor accepted on her behalf. 

Mr. Telfa Charles received a medal for his contribution to community service. He studied electrical installation at the Grenada Technical and Vocational Institute, now the T. A. Marryshow Community College. He graduated in 1975 and was offered the position of electrician at the General Hospital. He was awarded a scholarship from PAHO to do further studies in medical equipment and general maintenance in Venezuela. On returning from studying he was promoted to general maintenance supervisor covering all the trade areas in the hospital with a team of 25 workers, having the responsibility for all maintenance work for all government facilities connected to the Ministry of Health. 

In 1981 he went into private practice and started teaching electrical installation privately at his home to a group of mixed students including police officers and young people. In 1999 he joined TAMCC as the head lecturer in the electrical department where he continued with professional development and was successful with diplomas in electrical engineering and management. 

In 2012 he gained approval for the Grenada National Training Agency to deliver competency-based training that met the Grenada national standard and the Caribbean Vocational Qualifications standards. 

The Medal of Honor for contribution to the steel pan movement was issued to Wilton Cumming, also posthumously. He fell in love with the steel pan at a tender age to the point where he pursued a career in pan designing and tuning, from milk cans to pan around the neck to the modern day steelpan. He helped shape and establish the steel pan industry of Grenada under the Gairy government in the 1960’s. He worked with the Ministry of Culture along with Wilfred Harris in establishing the training programs. His work under the Ministry of Culture involved making and tuning steelpans in a national center in True Blue. The center was intended to create better sounding instruments for the bands in Grenada.

Mr. Cummings over the years contributed to establishing the Happy Hill Silver Stars steel orchestra, which created a livelihood for young people in the area of Happy Hill. He instructed, made and tuned pans for other bands for competition. He was to first to introduce women and children to play and compete in the national panorama competition. He also taught music to the students at the School for the Deaf at Cherry Hill, which was a unique way of communicating music to sign language and understanding musical vibration through sound. He also establishes a Carriacou Steel Orchestra in 1970 and taught the youth of Carriacou and Petite Martinique to play the instruments he donated to them; he also trained the police boys club.

In 2015 Cummings was awarded by the Angel Harps Steel Orchestra on their 50th Anniversary for his contribution to the nation building and tuning of pans in Grenada. He passed away on the 21th December 2017. Mr. Nigel John accepted his award at the ceremony.