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Indy Caribbean Film Makers Share Angst Of Distribution

CaribWorldNews, BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Thurs. Feb. 26, 2010: Caribbean film makers gathered at the fifth `Best of CaribbeanTales Film Festival` in Barbados on Wednesday shared their angst of a lack of distribution avenues even as channel executives urged creators to share their work more.

Independent Caribbean filmmakers gathered at the festival, produced by Trinidadian-Canadian filmmaker, Frances Ann Solomon, shared many stories of the pains and roadblocks encountered in being able to take their art to the world.

Many felt that after using a lot of their own money to finance and produce their own films, they are then faced with the dilemma of how to distribute it and to get paid for their work.

Terrence Farrell, in his presentation on `Caribbean Identity and the Development of The Creative Audio-Visual Industry,` sought to present a solution.

Farrell proposed that there be a move to increase production of good quality non-news content in the region and that distribution be facilitated free on television and online.

Farrell suggested that `regional governments must be the main source` of funding for such content through `taxes on revenues raised from national lotteries, taxes on gambling casinos and taxes on alcohol and tobacco to contribute toward the Fund.

Christopher Laird, founder of the Trinidad-based Gayelle Television, for his part, urged filmmakers to not hold on as tight to their content and to ensure they promote it whether through a revenue sharing model with channels or viral content.

`We have to be prepared to use the content we have as leverage,` said Laird. `The amount of video content being created in the region is exploding. Too many of our filmmakers, after years of isolated struggle and frustration guard their products jealously holding out for the `deal` which never comes. This is why an alliance of filmmakers that understand the desired goal and strategies is important; an alliance that would be an equal partner in the enterprise.`

The Best of CaribbeanTales Film Festival got underway in Barbados Tuesday with a gala launch hosted by The Canadian High Commission at the Frank Collymore Hall.

The Best of CaribbeanTales Film Festival 2010 has partnered with many local and regional organizations including; The Tourism Development Corporation, Invest Barbados, One Caribbean Media, The Nation Newspapers, Starcom, the Shridath Ramphal Center at UWI, the National Cultural Foundation, The Commonwealth Foundation, Unido, Carib Export,  the Caribbean Channel, the Barbados Film and Video Association, the Caribbean Film and Media Academy, the Bajan Reporter, Merville Lynch Productions, Alison Saunders and Rivelino Simmons among others.