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Jamaican Woman Facing Deportation Claims She`s Gay

CaribWorldNews, LONDON, UK, Fri. July 17, 2009: A Jamaican national, facing deportation back to her homeland following time served on a drug charge, now claims she is gay and will face persecution if sent back to Jamaica.

The woman, whose name has not been released for legal reasons, was convicted in 2005 of conspiracy to supply class A drugs and sent to prison. She now faces deportation back to her homeland under UK law.

But the 24-year-old woman, known only as `A`, claims she could be persecuted and killed because of her sexual choice, if returned to Jamaica.

She has appealed for asylum in the UK, but immigration officials say that despite the Clapton area woman`s homosexual affairs and jail and her claim that she is in love with a woman, they see it as a ruse to remain in the UK.

Carine Patry Hoskins, representing the Home Office at London`s Court of Appeal, said it was little surprise that `A` had been a lesbian when in prison.

`If she wanted to be sexually active, there was no other option,` she said. `There was no other choice but celibacy.`

But she pointed out that `A` had previously had heterosexual relationships and that it was a former boyfriend who introduced her to drugs.

But the attorney for the woman, said his client was `lost and frightened` when she left Jamaica as a teenager, but is now more confident about who she is, and has had at least six lesbian lovers.

He said she is in danger of being killed by criminal gangs in Jamaica if she returns home and added that one of her co-accused in the drug offences has said she will tell people on the island about her lesbianism.

The Home Office concedes that A`s case will have to be remitted to an appeal tribunal to decide whether she will be at risk if returned to Jamaica.