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Market Vendor Greeted By Human Faeces At Her Stall

Market Vendor Greeted By Human Faeces At Her Stall

As sickening as it sounds, a market vendor was greeted on Monday morning with an unwelcome gift at her stall where she operates on a daily basis at the market in St. George.

Disgusted, Dale Lewis explained to the Grenada Informer, that on Monday morning as she approached her business area 

she was greeted by a pile of what appeared to be human faeces.

According to her, at first she thought it was the work of a vagrant but upon closer thought she realized that a vagrant wouldn’t normally wipe themselves with toilet paper and soiled toilet tissue was part of the mess on the ground. She believes that it was deliberately and spitefully done.

Miss Lewis stated that she reported the matter to the market authorities but after going home and returning to her place of business she came back the faeces was still not clean up. 

She questions why the market has a cleaner since her matter has not been dealt with. She believes that she is being treated unfairly and insists that it was a willfully act to spite her. 

Around after 6 o’ clock the evening she said, she decided to do the cleaning herself since she would need the area to continue her business the following day.

Ms. Lewis called for more security in the St. George Market. She thinks it is also fitting that after closing hours the security guards on duty should monitor the facility to prevent such illegal and unsavoury acts.