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Massive Broadband Speed Boost For Flow Customers

Massive Broadband Speed Boost For Flow Customers

Over 15,000 FLOW customers have received a FREE upgrade to new minimum speed of 50Mb/s.

 “50 is the new minimum!” this was the surprise announcement from FLOW Country Manager James Pitt, as he addressed the media at the company’s quarterly media update held at the Venus Restaurant and Longue Conference room on Wednesday May 8th.

Pitt announced the game-changing news for FLOW’s broadband customers who have now automatically been upgraded from 15Mb/s to the new 50Mb/s standard speed at no additional cost. Customers on higher tiered packages will also receive a FREE upgrade up to 300Mb/s.

He said they had promised to address customers’ concern around broadband speed and have listen and acted. As part of their brand promise to keep customers ‘always connected to the best network’ they are ensuring that they receive exactly that. With faster broadband speed he said it will allow customers to enjoy their favorite entertainment without fear of buffering or delays along with their new data-rich mobile plans that ensure customers have all the data they need to share life’s unexpected moments anywhere, anytime. 

Pitt also outlined to the media some of the major strides they have made to improve customer service experience across Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. 

Some of the strides they have made are investment in technology to deliver enhanced broadband speeds, transforming Prepaid customer packages to offer data-rich mobile plans that enable customers to be “always connected” and share moments without fear of exceeding data plans. Also streamlining the service delivery experience for customers through more efficient service operations ‘Grenada team have reduced repair and installation times by 40% to date. FLOW also announced that all mobile, broadband and TV offers in their “Always on Campaign” are currently available in Carriacou and will be available to customers in Petite Martinique. 

The Country Manager said they are also working on plans and packages to deliver speeds up to 300Mb/s for existing customers and this is another achievement they are proud off. He thanked the customers, who have given them the privilege to serve them every day, and affirm FLOW’S commitment to providing world-class service.

Commercial Manager of FLOW Lincoln Baptiste said since customers have complained that their Internet speed was slow in some areas, they invested over 15 million dollars in infrastructure to make sure that the problem is alleviated. He added that after realizing they can make the speed available faster to customers they went ahead and did so; this is part of their promise he said and will continue to deliver their promise.

Baptiste noted that they have changed the way they do business at FLOW; they are customer first he highlighted and will continue to give to their customers. 50Mb/s he said, is he said is 4 times the speed at no cost for FLOW customers, which means that a video that was taking 20 minutes to download will now take about 40 seconds to download, customers will not receive any increase in their bill payment at any time in the future in relationship to the increase in speed to their broadband services.