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Mechanic charged with Arson

Mechanic charged with Arson

Remanded for a few days following his first court appearance after being charged with arson he was given an interim bond to refrain from contacting the witness while in prison.

The accused, Fitzroy Jawahir a mechanic of Paraclete St Andrew’s violated the interim bond contacting the witness via telephone from the prison and that landed him back on remand for another week.

During his second court appearance at the Grenville Magistrate Court last Wednesday Magistrate John was mindful of granting him bail but as a result of his violating the bond it was not granted.

According to the witness, when she was contacted by the accused he was asking about monies for the children. This caused the magistrate to give him a stern warning about his action before she further remanded him.

According to sources, the accused is said to have set fire to a two bedroom dwelling house in Paraclete just over two weeks ago, the flames engulfed the entire building and it was completely destroyed with its contents. It is also understood that one of the children who lived in the house was injured but according to the prosecutor the accused was not charged for any injury to a child. 

It is still not clear what was the reason for the accused setting blaze to the house, but according to sources there has been an ongoing conflict between the accused and his child’s mother a situation, which deteriorated over time, and there were occasion when the accused was warned by the court to stay away from the complainant. At one time he landed in prison when complainant related his behaviour to the court.