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Michael Jackson`s Caribbean Born Doctor Avoids Jail Time

CaribWorldNews, LAS VEGAS, NV, Tues. Nov. 17, 2009: Michael Jackson`s Caribbean-born doctor has reached a deal that has allowed him to keep out of jail.

Dr. Conrad Murray on Monday reached a deal in his child support case brought against him by the mother of his son, Nenita Malibiran of Santa Clara County, California. Murray avoided time in a Nevada jail by coughing up a few hundred dollars in child support yesterday.

His attorney, Christopher Aaron, said his client would pay $700 cash to the court and promised the Grenada-born doctor would pay another $303 to Malibiran.

Malibiran has now submitted a letter to the court saying she was willing to forgive the $15,500 Murray already owed if he began paying $1,003 a month.

Prosecutors in Las Vegas had initially sought an arrest warrant for Murray after he failed to appear for previous hearings before Family Court officers attempting to collect unpaid child support for a California woman and her 11-year-old son dating back to October 2008.

Dr. Murray is set to appear in court again on Jan. 4, 2010 for a status hearing but he needs to ensure monthly payments are made.

Murray`s attorney has insisted his client is currently unemployed since he had to shut down his practice after getting death threats following claims, including by some members of the Jackson family, that he may have had a hand in the death of the King of Pop.

Murray has told investigators he administered propofol as a sleep aid, along with multiple sedatives to Jackson, hours before he died.

Murray has not been charged with a crime in the Jackson death but is the focus of the Los Angeles police investigation, according to court documents.

Murray had been hired to a lucrative $150,000-per-month contract to be the pop star`s personal physician during a world tour. But he said he never got a dime of the money and is now in serious financial straits.

Janet Jackson has publicly blamed Murray for her brother `s death telling ABC News in an interview to air Wednesday that Murray should no longer be allowed to practice medicine.

`He was the one that was administering,` Janet Jackson reportedly said. `I think he is responsible.`