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Near Tragedy in the City

Near Tragedy in the City

Just over one month after a woman lost her life by drowning when the minibus in which she was travelling plunge into the sea on the Carenage with all fifteen passengers on board, there was another close call last Friday for another group of passengers, this time however, good judgment on the part of the driver saved the day.

The incident took place just after mid-day, in the area know as Carnash Hill in the heart of the capital city St George. Passengers were seen jumping through the windows of the bus as the driver who had seemingly lost control of the vehicle decided to deliberately hit it against the sidewalk rather than rolling back into a line of traffic at the foot of the hill.

The female officer that was calling traffic said she had already raised her hand signalling the bus to stop but he chose to ignore the signal and as a result, was forced to stop at the brow of the hill since she had already called traffic from another direction.

The officer went on to say; realizing what was happening, she decided to allow the driver to proceed. However, in attempting to do that the vehicle instead went backwards down the hill.

 The driver of the bus Dexter Thomas however, chose to lambaste the traffic warden as a wicked woman. According to him, he had no idea that the officer had stopped him because he was directly behind two other vehicles that then turned into adjacent streets. According to him although he saw the officer’s hand up he told himself it coAuld not have been him because he had already begun to move up the hill.

However, when he got to the top of the hill, the officer stepped in front of his bus to inform him that she would issue him a ticket. Thomas said he was forced to stop and while attempting to move off the vehicle cut off. According to him, as a result, his braking system malfunctioned and the bus started moving backwards.

Thomas said he had no choice but to use the sidewalk to bring the bus to a stop.

One passenger said it was a terrifying experience, but commended the bus driver for doing the right thing. According to him, choosing to roll down the entire hill would have spelt disaster, not just for the passengers in the affected bus but other vehicles that were awaiting a signal from the traffic officer.