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No Bail for man charged in Belmont Shooting

No Bail for man charged in Belmont Shooting

A twenty-four-year-old man from the village of Belmont in St George’s charged in connection with Sunday morning’s shooting spree in Belmont that left two people fighting for their lives at the General Hospital has been denied bail.

 Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill on Wednesday denied granting bail to accused man Rahim Kelshall a man with strong ties to neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago, ruling in favour of the prosecution, which cited several reasons why Kelshall should not be placed on bail. Among the arguments advanced, he could be a flight risk, and strong possibilities of repeat offences while out on bail.


  Presently on bail for a similar offence, Kelshall now faces five indictable charges as a result of Sunday morning’s incident, among the charges, two counts of attempted murder, one count robbery with violence, one count of possession of a firearm and one possession of ammunition.

Sources told the Informer, Sunday’s shooting arose out of a mass robbery in the Belmont area and an attempt by the assailant to cover his tracks.

 Both victims, we were told are businessmen in the Belmont area. Sources said one of the men was shot inside of his business place, as the masked man attempted to rob that location, while the other was allegedly shot after he ignored a direct order to hit the ground.

 Informer learned that it all started in The Joint, a small restaurant on the Kirani James Boulevard. Sources say having shot the owner of the restaurant, the masked man attempted to make his escape when he meets his second victim whom it was said knew him, having lived in the same area.     

Sources told the Informer, persons who spoke to the second victim after the shooting, said he thought the man was joking, having lived and limed on the block with everyone in the village.  One villager also told the Informer that the order to hit the ground was given to another village but he had complied, he was spared.

 Meanwhile, according to reports from the General Hospital both victims, up until late on Tuesday were still in critical condition, with medical experts still unable to remove the bullets still lodged in their bodies.

 Having been remanded to the Richmond Hill Prison, Kelshall, represented in court on Wednesday by defence lawyer Deloni Edwards is expected to make his second court appearance on Tuesday, October 23rd.

 If convicted on all five charges, Kelshall can be sent to prison for the rest of his life.