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`Obama`s `White Speech` To The NAACP `

Commentary By Arthur Piccolo

CaribWorldNews, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. July 20, 2009: Maybe the easiest way to summarize President Obama`s speech in New York City to the NAACP on its 100th anniversary is this: with very little if any change to the text he could have just as easily given that same speech to ringing applause at a Rotary Club meeting in any all White enclave in America.

The reason is there is nothing in the speech anyone other than blatant brain dead White Racists could find to disagree with. It was our Feel Good President at his best. Not in the sense that he is preaching everything is OK. I would not go that far, but he surgically avoided placing blame and as usual told his audience they, not he, need to do more.

And of course his patented refrain that has allowed him to get away with hoodwinking Black America – ALWAYS stating his mantra whatever failings befall Black Americans there is a laundry list of other Americans who suffer exactly the same.  You think you have it bad Black America, well so do gays, so do the handicapped, so do those in jail, etc., etc.. BS Mr. President!

Slavery in America was completely comparable to the evils of the Holocaust yet unlike Jews who have recovered very nicely and quickly indeed, Black Americans are still paying the price for 300 years of slavery that officially ended almost 150 years ago but to this day keeps most Black in bondage as second class Americans. Is the First Black President going to change that?  NO! Not if Black American are looking for specific policies and new legislation that will correct those abuses that only befall because of their color, Black women and Black men and Black children.

How useful is it for Obama to use the NAACP dinner to let Black parents know they must make sure their children get enough sleep, they must make sure their children do their homework, they must make sure their Black children are motivated to be scientists, scholars and oh yes President of the United States.

HERE`S THE PROBLEM MR. PRESIDENT. If you are working a low-paying job all night cleaning office building bathrooms to just pay the rent and buy your kids shoes; if your kids go to schools with the worst teachers because all the best teachers teach are at the White schools; if your kids schools are dilapidated because so much funding go to White districts; if you live in a ghetto with crime all around you and rats in the walls, Mr. President, it is real, real hard to tuck your kids in at night, make sure they do their homework and are motivated for greatness. Their poverty stricken lives and inferior education preclude them from. Sure a few escape. Some also win the Lottery.

Indeed a big part of the problem is Obama himself. Barack Obama was NEVER a poor Black, although that is the image he cultivates himself, as absurd as it is. He grew up an upper middle class White household where he never wanted for anything.  He grew up in Hawaii for God`s sake where they can`t even spell the word `ghetto` and attended Hawaii`s best high school that is reserved for the children of Hawaii`s elite. This was followed by quality time and degrees at those bastions of White Power Harvard and Yale. Ditto for Michelle.

Obama spending time as a community organizer building up his resume can`t be faulted but it`s just like the Rich White Kids who join the Peace Corps and spend a year in Africa before coming back home to claim their BIG share of the American dream.

Here is how President Obama began his speech in his own words. `From the beginning, DuBois understood how change would come – just as King and all the civil rights giants did later. They understood that unjust laws needed to be overturned; that legislation needed to be passed; and that Presidents needed to be pressured into action. They knew that the stain of slavery and the sin of segregation had to be lifted in the courtroom and in the legislature.`

HELLO President Obama. Exactly how much new legislation and how many initiatives did President Obama propose in his 45 minute speech to the NAACP on Thursday night in the spirit of W.E. B. DuBois and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Exactly none. Zero.

So what exactly was President Obama doing at the NAACP 100th anniversary celebration on Thursday evening?  He was doing what was best for Barack Obama. He was really speaking to the White Majority in America he needs in order to be re-elected in 2012 so he can keep using Air Force One like his own personal taxi with no meter and enjoying himself big time in The White House.

And it didn`t hurt that he was speaking to the 1% of Black Americans filling that ballroom who also do not know the sting of discrimination, poverty or hopelessness. Of course it did not also matter that he ignored the many black immigrants and instead spoke soley to native-born blacks. The Black Elite who gathered to celebrate the 100th anniversary of course they cheered Obama`s every word. They belong to the same club and like the Obamas they vacation every summer in Martha`s Vineyard. Many Black Americans don`t even know where that is. So here is some closing advice for the President. Don`t try giving that speech in America`s Black ghettos where you are rarely seen. Not unless you want to be greeted by deadly silence if not outrage.

EDITOR`S NOTE: Arthur Piccolo is chairamn  of the Bowling Green Association of NY and a frequent contributor to CaribWorldNews.