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Prisoner escape at Her Majesty’s Prison

Prisoner escape at Her Majesty’s Prison

Inmates and officials alike at Her Majesty’s Prison, continue to voice concerns over what they dubbed a lack of effective security at the country’s main penitentiary, as a quick response team had to be deployed last week to recapture one inmate who escaped lawful custody in broad daylight.

According to information reaching the Grenada Informer, the inmate who is serving prison time for a sex related offence, was recaptured in the Belmont area in St George’s one day after climbing the wall of the prison and making his escape in broad daylight. 

 Sources told the Grenada Informer that the prisoner was among other inmates enjoying the usual out of cell luxury at the facility when he decided to make his bid for freedom. Sources said based on what had transpired, it was evident that information about the escaped prisoner was made known to prison authorities long after he had left the compound. Additionally, we learned that although a sentry should be positioned at the tower twenty-four hours and day, it was clear that no one in authority saw the prisoner escaping the compound. However we were told, lead by the prison commissioner, a manhunt was quickly mounted but it was not until the following day that the escaped prisoner was recaptured and returned to prison.

Meanwhile, sources told this newspaper, that, although prisoners escaping in Grenada is a rare occurrence, what happened at Her Majesty’s Prison last week came as no surprise to many who are of the view that it was just a matter of time.

 The informer was also reliably informed that there are attempts by those in authority to brush this incident under the carpet, fearing that it could unearth what is swiftly raising its head as a lapse in effective security at the facility.