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The  New York  Carriacou Diaspora and those at home have suddenly  been plunged into deep mourning  following a violent  murder and suicide last week Thursday night in busy  Brooklyn city.

Reports are that former calypso and soca Monarch Rhino (Kenly Joseph) 44, died after being shot in the head by Jerry Paterson, 39.  

Paterson also reportedly shot Gena McLawrence, 33 before fatally turning the gun on himself.   McLawrence who is from Windward was up to press time reported to be still warded in hospital in a stable condition according to a New York news reporter.

According to information, Paterson of Dover approached the car in which Joseph and McLawrence were sitting and opened fire killing the former calypsonian while injuring Mc Lawrence.   She had two children for Paterson, an 11 year old son and five year old daughter before they were reportedly separated.  It was said that Joseph was her male companion.  

The news immediately plunged the island into great grief and sorrow as two young men from the peaceful island of Carriacou were suddenly taken from this life.   

According to a Brooklyn newspaper  The  incident occurred  on  Clarkson Avenue and East 9st Street in Brownsville, Brooklyn — near East Flatbush and Prospect-Lefferts Gardens — as was reported by the New York Police Department.

All three were transported to the area hospital at about 5:10 p.m. said a spokesman with the Department. He added that the two men were declared dead soon after arriving at the hospital.

The New York Daily News reported “After the last ear-shattering shot echoed through the East Flatbush block, killer Jerry Paterson, 39, and his ex’s new boyfriend, Joseph Kennely, 44, were both suffering bullet wounds to the head, cop sources said. The ex-girlfriend suffered a graze wound to her neck”.

Rhino, from Six Roads, was one of the most creative writers in every aspect of competition.  He had a graceful stage personality and was gifted at delivering music for any season.  He was the one who started the unprecedented ten-year winning streak (1996 to 2005) of the Ghetto Boys in the annual Parang competition.

In the calypso and soca arena he penned a storeroom of excellent songs most of which were prize winning selections.  Among them were : “Blackman”, “The Cock” , “Back for Carnival” ,” No Impeachment “, “Family”, “Tie your Ass” and “Too Much Pressure” to recall a few.

The depths of his talent were also felt during the Parang competition.  Several of his choruses are still today alive during the Parang and Christmas season.  Those like “Check the Time”, “We on the Hussle”, “Watch what you Do”, “Parang ‘ent Have no Secret” and “See Round ah Corner” will be forever perennial hits. 

Anderson Matheson (Leftist) a former calypso monarch grew up with Rhino and they fought many battles on the calypso and soca stage.  They were also the two main pillars in the outstanding legacy of the Ghetto-Boys Parang band.  

He said that the passing of Rhino has left a major vacuum on the cultural landscape of the sister isles and country as a whole.  He described him as a true competitor who was gifted with the winning ingredients.  

“When he takes to the stage he puts one hundred percent effort to win because he was always known to work hard for success” said Leftist with tear filled eyes.

Another former monarch who competed with Rhino on the calypso and Parang stages is Sugar-Patch (Anthony Douglas).

“This has come as a major shock to me” said Sugar Patch as he struggled to conceal the tears.

In describing Rhino as a legend, Sugar Patch said that he was a graceful competitor.   He added that it would be hard for anyone to reach the height which he achieved in calypso, soca and parang music.

Bob Adams who served as president of the Carnival Committee when Rhino debuted in competition is also the elder sibling of Rhino. He recalled the days from when Rhino was at school to his days on stage in competition.  He said that Rhino was always a cut above his competition.

“He was the best as far as composition and melody was concerned” said Adams.  “He was an outstanding artist”.

A candlelight vigil was planned for yesterday Thursday by residents of the Six Roads community together with the calypso and parang fraternity to remember the life and times of the former monarch. 

Rhino was also the younger brother of the 1990 calypso monarch Blackman (Donstan Joseph).  

Paterson migrated to the US in about 1996 and Joseph in about 1999.