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Trump’s America – Episode # 133 – Remaking America

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Aug. 9,
 The question that must be asked is …

 Are the
majority of us men, women and children without a country?

I had long forgotten
the short story that was so commonly assigned years ago in high school, even
grammar school, until this week … “The Man Without A Country” by Edward Hale.

By the way, you can
read this short story for free and you should. 
Just use any search engine to type in the title and the original version
as printed in The Atlantic Magazine in December 1863 in the midst of the Civil

It is the brief but
poignant story of the fictional Philip Nolan.

The latest versions
of the never-ending gun violence, two more massacres by monsters who not only
call themselves Americans but slaughter innocent children, women and men in the
name of their bizarre so-called “patriotism…”

They leave all of the
rest of us without a country when they claim it and most of all the thousands
of dead and horribly wounded physically and emotionally whom, they have left in
their wake in recent decades. Slaughter of a kind only seen elsewhere in the
most barbaric terrorists run places on Earth.

All the rest of us
are left without a country to believe in. We are the exact reverse of the
protagonist in this very famous short story, Philip Nolan, who shouted out
these infamous words that sealed his Fate …

“Damn the United
States! I wish I may never hear of the United States again!” Those words
fictionally uttered by Nolan in 1807, are the exact opposite of what is taking
place today ……

We are seeing and
experiencing a United States that is “leaving us” as it becomes more and more
ruled by extremes of power and wealth that among many other excesses, giving
license to these murderous madmen and “protecting” (sic) them from us with
INSANE permissive gun “laws.”

Yet, as horrible as
this never-ending gun violence is, it is a symptom not The Cause, just as the
election of Donald Trump is a symptom not the cause of our malaise. That as
long as too many of us believe simply getting rid of Donald Trump is all we
need and that doing so will remake America …..

These Americans as
well-meaning as they are still Foolish! Yes, we must get rid of Trump in next
year’s election but that will not solve the problem – only rid us of one very
small part of the problem, not the root cause.

As another example,
it is an abomination that one U.S. Senator, the so called Majority Leader
and/or one member of the House of Representatives, the Speaker, either has the
power to prevent most legislation coming up for a vote. That is an
institutional problem more pernicious than even Trump.

Another terrible
symptom that must be eliminated. But not the root cause.

The root cause of all
of it is the absurd concentration of wealth and power and its result is that most
Americans have little or none of either. So, while most Americans dd not want
Trump to be President, he is, and might be again. And the result is that simply
having votes in Congress for legislation that the vast majority of Americans
want – to control gun violence – never even takes place.

The biggest crime of
all is institutional corruption. Not legally viewed as corruption at all. This
is one “perfect” (sic) example among so many others seemingly endless other
examples in which concentrated wealth and power overwhelm everything else, and
leave all of us citizens of a country having no control or influence in, and
the situation only getting worse not better – or we would have adequate gun
laws by now not endless slaughter.

I offer my strong
belief that if these many massacres had occurred in the 1950’s, 1960s or 1970s
or any time earlier, that effective gun legislation would have swiftly passed
Congress and been signed by the President. America was also imperfect back then
but what has changed since then is that power and wealth are even more
CONCENTRATED with the result among many others, that even essential gun
legislation cannot pass Congress.

Again that failure is
a symptom of the ever greater concentration of wealth and power to completely
negate the will of the majority of Americans, because in this case, the power
of one group, the so called NRA, with wealth and power enough to buy the
complete allegiance of many members of Congress and this President of the
United States. They WIN and we all LOSE.

Far worse and having
nothing specific to do with the NRA or gun legislation, are drug prices,
environmental degradation, or a very, very long list of other problems in which
most Americans are VICTIMS. In each and in every case, we are the VICTIMS of
concentrated wealth and power which manifests itself in so many ways
nationally, locally and individually.

So like Philip Nolan,
the fictional man without a country in the famous short story with that title,
today most Americans see OUR country drifting away from us, comparable to Nolan
forced to live his life at sea, adrift unable to ever be allowed again to stand
upon the United States of America as it faded from his view from the decks of
the ships on which he was imprisoned.

For us here in the
21st century, we absolutely need a story and a SHARED vision for America in the
21st century that is far better than the past or the present in which the hope
of the Founders is finally realized and we gain a nation in which absurd levels
of wealth and power do not dictate to all of us.

 (This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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