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Twenty one months jail for housebreaking and stealing

He was sentenced to a one year and nine months jail term on a number of criminal charges, mainly housebreaking and stealing.

Antony Edgar otherwise known as Anton in the Village of La Poterie, a prison convict who has served numerous years in jail for similar crimes is back behind bars at the Richmond Hill Prison and on this occasion, he is serving one year and nine months. 

Edgar pleaded guilty to housebreaking and stealing numerous items including a pig, in the village of La Poterie. 

He told the court regarding one of the charges that the virtual complainant owed him money but he did not want to go into details, although he told the court that he had sold the complainant a number of trousers but he did not receive all his money. 

 Edgar was sentenced to a one-year jail term for house breaking, having broken into and stolen from the house of one Edwin. 

He was sentenced to a total of nine months for stealing a wristwatch, a pig and a pair of sandals.

 In addition, he has other pending matters in court, which include the alleged stealing of an HP Laptop computer valued at $3,500 among other things,  the items were never recovered, the prosecutor told the court.