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Why Are You “Butchering” The Trees All In The Name Of De Bushing Program

Why Are You “Butchering” The Trees All In The Name Of De Bushing Program

The trees growing at the Lagoon Road area, now the Kirani James Boulevard were planted for a reason. Those flamboyant trees at the Fall Edge in Grand Anse did not just spring up by themselves but were planted there. And now, all in the name of the de-bushing program with unprofessional pruners, you just “butcher” those trees.

   According to Mr John Criswick, “as someone who helped to create the Lagoon Park in the 1980s, and who donated the trees, rescuing the Lagoon from being a garbage dump with old trees and tires etc. I am horrified to see those anti-social elements are allowed to destroy what took years to create. Could the same thing happen to our attempt to create a garden at Grand Etang”?

 The parked vehicles on the planted grass is another indication that there is no longer any concern for caring and preserving what was once a dump and have been turned into a park. Apart from the beautification and preservation of this park for the persons living in the area who from time to time would want to enjoy the lovely scenery and beauty, it is believed by many concerned citizens that in marketing our tourist product, one does not want to see the Kirani James Boulevard as a dump once more, but instead, the efforts, which have been made over the years to maintain and enhance the area as a well-kept park should at least be respected.

 It is said that the Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for that area. However, the Forestry Division is supposed to be responsible for any pruning or enhancing. Sadly, however, it was brought to our attention that the Ministry of Works, which randomly selects folks for the de-bushing program forgot that this was a park and not the forest, so the usual unprofessional persons given fortnight work, used the opportunity to “butcher” the trees, which took years to grow.         

 “What a shame”, said one observer, “this is what we are coming to in this country? “It seems like we do not care anymore about anything that is good for us. Once we can make a dollar, that’s what matters these days. Can we go back to what used to be respected for institutions because even if all may not see it that way, a park that took years to build, preserve and enhance could fall in the category of an institution? Do you remember the number of persons that got involved in the fight to protect the park in the south of the island? So too, we must protect the park at the Kirani James Boulevard.

Recently, the Police together with the Physical Planning Unit was called in to deal with a businessman who has his business opposite that same park. That businessman was seen with a tractor trying, according to him, to help clear and enhance the area. He was stopped by the authorities and almost got charged, making headline news.

 Now, tell me what difference does it make when the very authority uses its powers not to enhance, but to destroy?

 Once again, the appeal is made to stop butchering the trees all in the name of the de-bushing program. And persons who consider well planted grass in a park to be used as a garage, should at least do the decent thing and find themselves a park elsewhere so that we could all enjoy this beautiful island of ours and even attract the tourist, to take a breath of fresh air on what used to be the Lagoon dump but is now the Kirani James Boulevard Park.