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Woman Slapped With Drug Related Charges

Woman Slapped With Drug  Related Charges

A twenty-six-year-old American woman arrested moments before boarding a Jet Blue flight at the Maurice Bishop International Airport some two weeks ago en route to her home state of Connecticut in the USA, heads back to court today to answer drug-related charges. 

The young woman who goes by the name of Shelby Nicole Walton is expected to make her second court appearance before Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill to answer charges relating to possession and trafficking the controlled drug cocaine.

According to information reaching the Grenada Informer, the young lady was apprehended during a routine police check by police officers attached to the Drug Squad.  Sources said the young lady at the time appeared suspicious prompting police to take an interest in her. She was then questioned and during the process, a search was carried out by the lawmen and they discovered a number of small, wrapped portions of cocaine hidden in different areas of the young lady’s body and under clothing.

 This newspaper also learned that while the search was being conducted, the young lady indicated to the police that she had ingested some of the drugs and other portions were inserted in various cavities.   

  Sources told the Grenada Informer the young lady was subsequently taken to the General Hospital and after four days under police watch, a wrapped potion was retrieved in her stool while another quantity was discovered hidden in her vagina. 

During her brief stint in court last Thursday, defence lawyer Peter David requested a short adjournment and the matter was set for possible disposal later today.

   Both charges against Walton are summary and therefore if convicted she faces a heavy fine or imprisonment in excess of ten years on both charges.