17 to compete for NWAC Calypso Queen title

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Naomi Sinnette – Photo by Angelo Marcelle

The National Women’s Action Committee (NWAC) has selected 17 finalists for the 2023 National Calypso Queen Competition.

The finals take place on January 29 at Queen’s Hall, St Anns’s, from 5 pm.

Singing Sonia, Alana Sinnette – Khan and Jerrisha Duncan-Regis are among those competing for the title.

The finalists are:

Alana Sinnette – Khan (Lady Watchman)

Curlissa Charles – Mapp

Francelia Jackson (Lady Tallish)

Georgia Mc Intyre (The Messenger)

Janelle Winchester- Moore

Jerrisha Duncan-Regis

Kerine Williams- Figaro (Tiny)

Louise Dianne- Smith

Lystra Nurse

Mahalia Regis

Marion Paponette

Meguella Simon

Naheelah Kojo (Nefta Kojo)

Naomi Sinnette

Nikeisha Sinclair-Cooper

Sonia Francis (Singing Sonia)

Tameka Darius

Meguella Simon – Photo by Lincoln Holder