2016 National Carnival Queen Show Launches

2016 National Carnival Queen Show Launches

The 2016 Carnival Queen representatives from the different parishes received their sashes at the carnival launch on Friday 18th March during a ceremony held at the Grenada Spice Mas Corporation Office.  All parishes were represented at the launch including the sister isle of Carriacou. 

Ms. Samantha Francis who was supposed to represent St. George’s in 2015 but fell ill is representing the parish this year. Other participants are Estlyn Blair- Carriacou & Petite Martinique, Ruth Bailey representing St. David’s, Kerryne James- St. John’s, Khadija Logie, St. Patrick’s, Akada Lewis – St. Mark’s and Makeba Roberts – St. Andrew’s.

St. George’s contestant Ms. Samantha Francis said this year was a struggle for her deciding whether or not to take part because she is not 100% healed as yet. However, the experience for the short time she has gotten involved has been amazing. She said she and her co contestants have built solid friendships. 

Ms. St. Mark’s said she had always wanted to take part in the national queen show and this year she get the chance to represent her parish. She feels very proud to do so and intends to give of her best. For her part Ms. St. Andrew said it was always her dream to be a queen and to take part in queen shows. She got the opportunity in 2013 to be a part of the Ms. St. Andrew’s contest where she was crowned, got all excited and thought from then she would walk the national stage. 

Minister of Culture Senator Brenda Hood commended the corporation for the early start compared to last year. She said it highlighted the seriousness of those in authority to the development of the competition. 

Chairman of the National Carnival Queen Show Committee Lexann Medford-Fletcher said she believes the job of the national carnival queen should not end prematurely but should extend to various events internationally and regionally. Mrs. Fletcher said she thinks as a national carnival queen, it shouldn’t end on the night but continue with national events like trade shows when the tourism team is travelling and other areas such as sporting activity along with national events. 

Chief Executive Officer of the Spice Mas Corporation, Mr. Kirk Seetahal said there would be some differences in the conduct of the contest this year. There will be two questions on the night of the show based on the contestant’s biography. He said in the past promotion of the queen show would begin a month before the date it is to be held. This gives the show very little promotion. That’s why by an early launch, the corporation is making sure that the momentum builds up to the night of the contest. He wishes the contestants best of luck and urges the public to come out to give the participants their support.

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