3 women to face trial for killing partners

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Three women now have to face a judge and jury for killing their partners. One of them is accused of disarming her partner of a knife and stabbing him to death. It is alleged that the other one strangled her reputed husband to death, while the third is accused of fatally beating her partner.

In all three cases, it was reported that these women were abused by their now-dead partners.

Lisa Haley, Dacia Bourne, and Melisha Cylus are listed to face trial for the lesser offence of manslaughter by a jury before a judge over the deaths of their partners at the upcoming Demerara Criminal Assizes which starts on Tuesday.

Haley, 26, is accused of the July 29, 2017, unlawful killing of Dillon Haley.

She allegedly ended the 30-year-old man’s life during a fight at their Queen Street, Kitty, Georgetown home. At her initial court appearance, her lawyer had told the court that she was acting in self defence.

She was admitted to bail in the sum of $250,000.

According to media reports, Haley had not handled well his spouse’s decision to end their relationship and had reportedly turned up at the home of his former brother-in-law, where the woman was staying, armed with two sharp knives.

A confrontation had ensued, during which Haley had managed to get hold of one of the weapons and had allegedly stabbed Haley, the father of her children, in the chest.

Meanwhile, Melisha Cylus, 32, was five months pregnant when she reportedly strangled her reputed husband to death. It is alleged that on Mother’s Day 2018, she unlawfully killed Julian Reberio. The incident occurred at their Soesdyke/Linden Highway residence.

It had previously reported that Cylus reportedly killed Reberio,32, after he allegedly physically abused her while imbibing.

When a post-mortem examination was performed on the man’s body, his cause of death was given as asphyxiation and further investigation showed redness around his neck.

Reberio’s alleged killer is out on $200,000 bail.

Bourne, on the other hand, was arrested after her common law partner was found dead with marks of violence on the roadway not too far from the house they shared.

Police said that Clifford Singh, 35 years, of Prince William Street, Plaisance, East Coast Demerara (ECD) was found dead on August 13, 2013.

He died from a fractured skull and punctured lungs. According to reports, they had shared a violent relationship.