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500 Reading Glasses Donated To Institutions

500 Reading Glasses Donated To Institutions

More than 500 reading glasses were donated to a number of institutions last week Thursday with a handing over ceremony at the Ministry of Education conference room. 

The project is coordinated by the Happy Hill Family Day Celebrations Committee (HHFDCC), a community-based voluntary organization that has been in operation for 25 years. The organization focuses heavily on children and the elderly.

According to the president of the committee, Eunice Sandy-David the organization’s main focus is about improving quality of life through various events, their main areas of priority are education, health and social events that relates to social well being. They have been engaged in a number of projects in these three areas over the years.

They also facilitate other projects such as the inter house quizzes in schools, which they do on an annual basis. At Christmas time they focus more on the elderly and shut-in persons from the neighboring areas. One of the organization’s aims is to strive towards providing for the needs of persons that need their help. 

Through the organization, one of the members that live in the United States was part of a project that received some 500 reading glasses. Through this initiative they are able to donate 500 of the reading glasses to a number of institutions, the prison, Child Protection Authority, the RGPF, the Resource Center for the Blind, TAMCC, and 50% went to the Ministry of Education. According to the institution most of the glasses will be used as a library where one could borrow the glasses for a certain purpose and at the end they will be required to bring it back, this will happen in the event someone forgets their glasses home or their glasses have been destroyed. 

She noted that it’s important for persons to know the prescription of their glasses first so that they will be able to use the proper strength. The glasses range from category 1.0 up to 3.75.

The recipients of the glasses were quite grateful for the great initiative undertaken by the Happy Hill Family Day Celebrations Committee. They assured that the glasses would be secured in a safe environment, and will not be given to person without specific instructions from the person that is caring for them.