A Beautiful Entrance To A Beautiful Harbour

A Beautiful Entrance To A Beautiful Harbour

A ninety-foot mosaic wall now provides an eye-catching welcome to the Carenage from the south entrance to the iconic waterfront.

On Thursday last week the Grenada Tourism Authority officially introduced the colourful mural portrait adorning the wall that leads onto one of the most beautiful harbours in the Caribbean.

Product Development Manager for the GTA Kirl Grant–Hoschtialek marked the event as a special day for the Carenage, which she said is described by many as the prettiest harbour in the Caribbean.It has been the backdrop for many Grenadian artists and the focal point for millions of photographs.

She said that the project commenced in late January and exemplifies the importance of   public-private sector partnerships, Grenada’s talent, visionary foresight and love for country.

The painting features four central themes;the brickwork symbolizes the Georgian influence in local architecture, the lady with the baskets on her head symbolizes the economic activity of the Carenage both past and present and the branch with the leaves symbolizes the youth- the future of the Carenage and its sustainable development.

Mrs Grant-Hoschtialeksaid the signage is very important to marketing Grenada’s tourism product; transforming and translating what different attractions mean to everyone, with visibility being the main factor.

According to the Product Development Manager the wonderful compliments and reviews that the project has received from the general public was overwhelming and she hopes that it would be cherished and maintained.

The mastermind behind the project is one of Grenada’s most talented self-taught artists Akym Pierre who with his team transformed the GTA’s concept into a beautiful work of art.

Akym explained that the inspiration he received in the realization of the portrait was a great experience, noting that he got to meet a lot of people who gave him excellent feedbacks and compliments on a very creative work of art.He said the materials chosen were meant to capture the beauty of the country.

The approximate cost of the project is fifteen thousand dollars.It was executed in three weeks with shells, stones and two different types of tiles, all of which was applied unto a concrete board that was then drilled on to the wall for easier maintenance and additional work.


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