A Song For Colombia


News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. Dec. 9,
“A song for Colombia” came to Bogota Sunday.

The event was a concert organized by Colombian
musicians and artists to support the national strike and protests against the
government of President Ivan Duque in Bogota, Colombia on December 8, 2019.

Over 250 artists gave free concert in the streets of
Bogota. Among the acts were renowned bands like Bomba Estero, Systema Solar and
Monsieur Perine.

Many sang and banged pots and pans in a bold new
show of discontent with the Duque administration. Some shouted “Get out
Duque” amid heavy police presence.

The musicians’ contribution is the latest in an
ongoing series of groups and organizations that have been joining the protests
that seek to convince President Duque to negotiate a change to his widely
rejected economic and peace policies.

Protests against Duque’s 15-month-old government
first erupted less than three weeks ago – on Nov. 21st – with a
general strike that has since morphed into a wider display of discontent over
his economic policies, unemployment, political corruption and drug-financed

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