Another Police Shooting Leaves Mentally ill Man Dead

Another Police Shooting Leaves Mentally ill Man Dead

A forty-five year-old man from the village of Mt Parnassus in St George’s died on Sunday as a result of a shooting incident in Mt Parnassus involving a member of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) 

Sunday’s shooting has sparked nationwide concern as it relates to the police handling of mentally challenged person, since it brings to five the number of mentally ill persons who have become victims of police shooting for the year 2016, the third for the month of October, four of whom have since died.

The latest victim Jerry Paul, a man known to have frequented the Mt Gay Mental Hospital was shot just after 2pm.  According to a release from the Community Relations Department of the RGPF the matter that involved a police shooting is under investigation and an autopsy had been scheduled to determine the cause of death.

 According to reports from the Moving Target news desk, Paul was shot in the arm but the bullet ricocheted and made its way into his stomach, he was taken to the General Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

 Adolphus Paul the father of the victim described the killing as one that was not warranted since according to him his son has not being a violent person, and although he had a cutlass in his hand on the day he was not threatening anyone.

 Paul told the news team that the police said to him, his son was seen walking the road, they tried to stop him; he pulled out a cutlass leaving them with no choice but to shoot him.

Adolpohus told the news team that what he knows of his son makes that story rather difficult to believe, since his son is not known to harass anyone.

  One gentleman who lived in the area, recalled seeing Jerry walking down the street with the cutlass, he later heard a single gun shot, when he looked outside Jerry was lying on the ground, the police later handcuff him and placed him on the back of a transport and carried him away. 

  Meanwhile the office of the Grenada Informer has been bombarded with concerns raised by members of the pubic over that they view as the new direction of the RGPF, a move to rid the nation of its mentally challenged people.

 One gentleman who chose not to be identified told this newspaper it’s a very dark period in Grenada’s history but it seems to him he said that whenever the RGPF is called to deal with the mentally ill, they view it as a mission to kill.  

  The gentleman said with the exception of the incident in St. Mark’s when the victim was armed with an automatic riffle, the other three killings of mentally ill persons, namely in Cherry Hill, St. George’s, Mt Craven St Patrick and Mt Parnassus could have been avoided. 

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