Ariel Bhola’s Killer’s Sentencing Date Push Back

Ariel Bhola’s Killer's Sentencing Date Push Back

The 19-year-old Grand Anse resident convicted on a charge of capital murder late last year for the gruesome rape and murder of 8-year-old Ariel Bhola in November of 2017 has been made to wait a little longer before knowing his fate.

 High Court Judge Paula Gilford on Monday decided to adjourn the sentencing of Twely Joseph, the man charged with one of Grenada’s most gruesome killing in recent times, to April 8th 2020 citing that she needed more time and additional information to fully assess the situation in line with the new sentencing guidelines, before coming to a decision.

 At the time of Bhola’s death, Joseph was seventeen years old, still a minor and therefore the death penalty according to information given to our news desk, cannot be applied. It is for this reason among others we were told that Judge Guilford decided to act on the side of caution.

 Joseph’s attorney, George Prime, in explaining the rationale behind the judge’s decision said this is a case of capital murder carrying with it certain penalties and therefore the judge needed to ensure that her action is well protected in law.

Prime said because the convicted man was a juvenile at the time he cannot be given the required death penalty prescribed by law. Added to that he said because certain sentences can be imposed, the respective reports, social inquiry and the likes, presented to the court must be thorough.

 The defense lawyer told the media that from the reports that were already submitted to the court it is believed that Joseph may have been suffering from certain deficiencies at the time of the killing and while this may not change the outcome of the verdict, he said, it could go in Joseph’s favor when it comes to sentencing bases on the new guidelines. Prime noted that because of this the judge decided to conduct further studies prior to delivering the final sentence.

The date for sentencing is now set for April 8th 2020.


Pomme Rose Resident Guilty on Rape Charge

Two men from the village of Pomme Rose in St. David, charged with rape and indecent assault in an incident dating back to 2011, have been found guilty; one for rape and the other for unlawful carnal knowledge 

 Jurors at the number two High Court on Tuesday returned a guilty verdict after some two hours of deliberation 8 to 1 on the count of rape against accused man, Rondel Hagley and guilty on the count of unlawful carnal knowledge against Noland Moraine.

 Both men were accused of luring a fourteen-year-old child into a house in the village and raping her. Moraine was however found not guilty of rape.

According to information, at the time of the incident  the young lady was called into the house and the act was performed first by one of the men, he brought her into a room and raped her and on completion, we were told he called his friend and he too assaulted the young lady.

 Speaking to the media following Tuesday’s verdict the men’s defense attorney George Prime said his clients contended that the incident never took place on the day or as reported by the complainant.

 Hagley’s defense was that he not present in the area at the time of the incident.

 The jury in their deliberation had a different view and found them guilty on separate charges. They will return to court for sentencing on April 6th 2020.

 Meanwhile, based on a request from defense, both men were placed on $200.000.00 bail each with two sureties. They are to report to the St. David’s Police Station daily and must be in the village of Pomme Rose between the hours of 6pm and 6am. Failure to abide to those conditions, they will be brought back to prison to await their sentence.

In another matter, the man convicted of impersonating a doctor, Akim Andrew also had to wait a little longer to find out his fate. His sentence was pushed back to Monday February 17 as the presiding judge thought she needed more time to effectively assess the circumstances and ensure she makes the right decision. 

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