Ashanti twerks up in Barbados, ends Hennessy Artistry with Puffy Loop Barbados

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Ashanti twerked in Barbados National colours alongside one of Barbados’ biggest entertainers – DJ Puffy to end her set and Hennessy Artistry 2022 on a really big high.

Puffy told Loop, “City [Ashanti’s DJ] is my friend. Ashanti listens to my mixes and live streams, and lets me know all the time, so it was fun to vibe with her on stage at home.”

That’s the moment from Hennessy Artistry that many may remember if they think about highlights from the Hollywood Walk of Fame recipient’s set at Kensington Oval.

City, Puffy and Ashanti came together to the sounds of Ashanti’s soca hit with Machel Montano – The Road.

Besides that moment, for thousands of spectators, it was the colours, the bawdy, the moves and the fit that won them, more than the vocals.

But Ashanti did deliver on her hits, having the choir of audience members singing, “And I’m made because I love you”. Foolish may have been released back in 2002, but for the 80s and 90s babies who grew up on her music and for everyone who’s ever been hurt in a relationship or been left broken hearted, last night it was their anthem once more and that “ain’t ever gonna change, ever gonna change!”

The choreography for the dance routines were on point as well and Ashanti was not okay with backup dancers supporting her, oh she got all the way involved and showed up and showed out right along with her dancers without missing a beat, sashay or hip thrust.

Earlier in the day, the R&B singer had some fans worried, they were even mumbling “I trusted you, I trusted you” and may have added “And I’m mad because I love you” but when Peter Coppin announced her introduction, hundreds of cell phones came out to capture the moment.

Ashanti on December 3 also performed the American national anthem before the Texas Christian University and Kansas State Dr Pepper Big 12 Football Championship game at the AT&T Stadium. She took center field and sang. This was the root cause of some fans who were wondering if the songstress would make it to the 246 in time. And indeed she did.

Speaking to Loop, FAS Director Al Gilkes said,”Other people were trying to make it sound as if we were going to disappoint. In addition, to spreading rumours, they brought whatever they wanted and produced whatever they wanted to make it appear as if the other shows had the best acts and we had nothing, but it was only when we started advertising that people realised who had the best acts,” Gilkes said.