Asian Doll Accuses Jada Kingdom Of Doing Drugs, Leaked Tape In Twitter Spat

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Asian Doll accuses Jamaican singer Jada Kingdom of being hooked on drugs and switched up on everybody.

Stefflon Don has opened the floodgate with her latest diss track for Jada Kingdom as she accuses the artiste of having an affinity for c**aine and molly. That claim has now spiraled into a full-blown accusation as Jada’s former nemesis, Texas rapper Asian Da Brat, aka Asian Doll, accused Jada of introducing her gay brother to drugs.

Things got nasty on Wednesday as Stefflon Don’s track went viral featuring a voice note from Asian Doll where she spoke about the “GPP” singer’s drug use and made several allegations against her. One of those allegations is that Jada had sex with her younger brother, who is gay, and she uses drugs.

“She’s mentally unstable & does a lot of drugs yall think I’m playing she get high & switches on EVERYBODY (not in person) but on the internet,” she said in one tweet.

Jada, however, denied the allegation as she reposted a screenshot of a text message from a friend who called Asian a liar.

“@AsianDaBrat you’re weird!!!! I literally seen you do this to people, Idk why I bother to respond lol yu won! A liar never gives up LMFAO,” Jada wrote.

The screenshot also read, “why is that girl lying talking about Jada f**ked Keiron that’s not even possible cause when Jada and Asian was friends her brother was living with my ex-boyfriend in Miami cause that around that time I took that n***a from him. That’s why I don’t like Asian a$$ she just lie for no reason.”

Jada also took jabs at Asian’s family writing in another tweet, “@AsianDaBrattt GO TAKE CARE OF YOUR C**H**AD MOTHER AND YOUR SPECIAL SISTER. GO buy them a house! you always focused on the wrong sh*t. Yuh too f**in nuff.”

Asian also responded to the screenshot text message, writing, “Girl that’s a text from a person that don’t matter nor was around lol YOU F**KED LIL MAP … my blood brother don’t even kno you b*tch YOU EVEN TOLD ME YOU BLACKED OUT ON HIM WHEN YOU WOKE UP IN THAT DIRTY A** HOUSE ON THE FLOOR B**CH STOP CAPPING.”

This is not the first time that the two are arguing and shading each other with secrets once kept tight to their bosoms but now out for the world to view and judge.

As for Asian, she also shared a message from another person who blasted Jada in the past, where he alleged that she had introduced another person to drugs and “were even lacing him, giving him stuff without him even knowing.”

The post made the surprising claim that Jada was married to Verse Simmonds, her former boyfriend and manager. They broke up in 2021.

“It took for you to come in to bro life for his whole image and life to go down hill,” the post read.

It’s unclear when the post was made, but according to Asian Da Brat, it’s dated.

In the meantime, Pardison Fontaine, who was named dropped by Stefflon Don in her diss track, has been trending online as fans and observers follow the drama.

“Pardi made a whole diss track talking about Megan while Asian doll exposing his MARRIED th*t Jada Kingdom for CURRENTLY getting bent over by cr***eads, countless Americans and Africans. But he’s proudly claiming her. Karma don’t miss!” one tweet read.

“So, is Pardi now embarrassed? Or nah,” another person wrote.

“Pardi a better man than me. These are serious hoe allegations,” another read.

“The fact that Pardi thought he could upgrade From Megan was the real problem,” another person tweeted.

“I like Pardi so let me say that but I know his male friends watched this mess with Jada today and did exactly what Dolph & Key did in this video,” another added.

“Jada selling pu*** and doing cr** and pardi making diss about megan? CUT THE SHOW NOW,” another added.

Earlier in the day, Jada said she was done with the beef and was going to focus on her happy and healthy relationship with Pardi. However, close to midnight on Wednesday, the artist hinted that she was heading to the studio.

“Me did affy tek a likkle nap caz a weh sumuch gyal come from??? Brb deh,” she wrote on Instagram Stories.