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Autopsy Confirms Asphyxia

Autopsy Confirms Asphyxia

The lifeless body of Kendon Mitchell of Telescope, St. Andrew’s was discovered hanging by the neck at his home last Saturday morning an incident that sent shock waves throughout the village.

Mitchell was pronounced dead by a medical doctor before it was taken away by undertakers. 

According to the autopsy, the victim died as a result of asphyxia due to hanging.

According to a source, the victim was last seen in Grenville last Friday night but there was nothing unusual about his behaviour.

The source continued to say that Kendon was an employee of the Ministry of Health in the Vector Control Division. He was the father of two children and it is alleged that he and his live-in companion had been experiencing domestic troubles.

When the news of his death struck the village, villagers began questioning the rationale behind the hanging and it was quickly rumoured that the victim was undergoing stress as a result of his domestic problems.

“The thing had begun to take a toll on the man’s life”, the source said, “but he hardly used to talk it out”. 

“About three weeks ago the man took his family out to the Telescope Beach and they had a good time,” the source hinted, “but there was nothing that indicated the situation would have deteriorated for the worse”. 

One of Mitchell’s co-workers told the Informer, “Kendon was calm and cool and friendly and he was hard-working, he would be greatly missed. 

“But if it were him who chose to end his life then he would have to give an account to Almighty God”, the worker said.

“However, we know he was having domestic problems but he never talked about it as it seemed as though the situation was that bad, to have led to such a horrible ending,” the worker said.

Workers on turning up for work on Monday, assembled at the entrance of the workplace, upstairs the Grenville Market Square with Kendon as the only one missing. Many of them had unhappy faces, still mourning the loss of one of their fellow employees.