Blueface In Jail Because Of Chrisean Rock & Jaidyn Alexis, Karlissa Claim

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Blueface is currently behind bars, and his manager, Wack 100, is calling for his release.

On Friday, Wack 100 updated his Instagram with a poster of Blueface’s image and the words “Free Blueface.” No other details have been provided regarding the reason for the latest arrest. The “Thotiana” rapper’s last post on social media is from January 7th, as he continued his beef with Soulja Boy and NLE Choppa.

The year started quiet, something that’s unusual for Blueface and his clan as he and his baby mothers, Chrisean Rock and Jaidyn Alexis, cause chaos online. Rock has also been quiet with her last tweet on January 7, where she wrote, “Seperate your self from compromising.”

Jaidyn Alexis, who is engaged with the rapper and lives with him, last posted on January 10, tweeting, “Soft girl era loading.”

While no details have been shared about the arrest but Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, claims that the arrest is connected to the beatdown he put on Chrisean and Jaidyn last month.

“Jaidyn got him one charge [and] Rock got him the one that violated the other. That’s why it’s so quiet,” she wrote on Instagram Stories.

She continued, “praying everyone now understands why I didn’t want them together. Because parents want the best for their children. I love them all but not together. Praying for everyone to listen to their parents.”

She added in another story, “My baby us in jail and my heart is broken again. Because they don’t listen.”

Karlissa Saffold also responded to some fans who accused her of lying about Chrisean Rock and Jaidyn Alexis’ involvement in Blueface’s incarceration.

“If I’m lying tell them to tell why he in there,” she wrote. “Because it all could have been avoided. Especially knowing who he is and that he was on probation when BM # 1 threw a glass at security and BM #2 hit a fan. When u with people who love you they don’t get shit started and then act like nothing happened. If they both love him they would stand up and say what happened and apologize to me because I tried to get them all to do the right thing.”

The incident referred to by Karissa stems from last month when Blueface went live, claiming that he broke into Chrisean’s house and took her son Chrisean Jr. because he was alone with the babysitter while Rock was out at the studio with her new man, K Suave.

Rock later came to collect her son and met Jaidyn in a plot twist. Both women claimed that Blueface beat them up at his house and gave them a black eye.

Rock also claimed that Blueface was angry at her and took the baby because he was popping up for a booty call. He didn’t expect the women to unite and share their secrets and the lies he told them about each other.

Jaidyn also revealed that she broke up with the rapper and called off the engagement. They were spotted earlier this year performing a remix to her song “Barbie.”