Blueface, Jaidyn Alexis Under Police Investigation Over Viral Video Of Woman Getting Jump

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

The Salt Lake City Police Department says it’s investigating a now-viral video showing Blueface bringing a fan on stage and setting her up to be jumped by his baby mom, Jaidyn Alexis.

The rapper and Jaidyn performed at an event over the weekend for the first time since their breakup earlier this month. It seems that despite her hinting that she’s done with Blueface, the “Barbie” singer is continuing to work with him since her Columbia record deal is still live.

The event was not without drama as Blueface and a group of people put hands (and feet literally) on the fan who some persons claimed said she wanted to fight Jaidyn Alexis and threw ice on her. The incident is, however, the subject of a police investigation, a statement released on Monday by local police said.

A statement from Salt Lake City Police said the department is “aware of the videos posted on social media during a performance in Salt Lake City hosted by an out-of-state musician. This incident occurred on or about December 16, 2023. The Salt Lake City Police Department is currently reviewing calls for service, any applicable police reports, and the videos posted online to achieve a complete understanding of the incident and the circumstances.”

In the video, Jaidyn is seen calling to the woman, and Blueface helps the blonde woman on the stage. Jaidyn squares up with the woman while Blueface appears to argue with the woman and shoves her towards Alexis, who is seen in the back in red hair, balling her fist and squaring up. Within moments, Jaidyn got aggressive as she approached the woman, and Blueface pushed the woman, who fell face down.

There are reports that the woman was stomped by Jaidyn. However, the victim has not addressed the incident, and there are no reports as to whether she was injured.

The police, however, said they aren’t going to comment further until the investigation is completed.