Blueface Says He Smash Soulja Boy’s Baby Mother Amid Verzuz Beef

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Blueface and Soulja Boy are beefing over who would win a Verzuz battle, with the latter trolling the Milf Music label boss about being a one-hit-wonder.

Things got nasty between the two artists on Friday after Blueface, out of nowhere, said he would win a Verzuz battle easily against the “Crank Dat” legend. However, as everyone knows, Soulja Boy is not the one or two to play with as he popped up on social media shouting on Instagram Live. According to Soulja Boy, Blueface only has one hit, “Thotiana,” and he’d need to perform it at least five times.

“You gon perform ‘Buss Down Thotiana’ times in a row,” Soulja Boy said. “Cut it out n**ga…I got songs with 50 Cent, all types of sh*t, bro do you really know my catalog. Come on, bro, Gucci Bandana with Gucci Man and Shorty Low, RIP Shorty Low. N***a, don’t make me go in the vault. I can pull out sh*t with Bow Wow and sh*t, Yo Gotti, Game, you know know how many songs I got? Buddy, I can even pull out songs with Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Bow Wow, Trey Songz, Omarion, and everybody. DJ Khaled, I can pull Nicki on the stage…Drake on the stage.”

“Set this Verzuz up, on God… Set this Blueface battle up,” Soulja Boy said, laughing.

Blueface is often insulted that “Thotiana” is his best song because that is his most popular track that people know.

Soulja Boy also asked for Funny Marco to set up an interview in reference to the comedian making a similar insinuation to Blueface this week, leading to him ending the interview abruptly.

Blueface couldn’t take the heat as he took a below-the-belt hit at Soulja Boy and mentioned that he slept with his baby mom.

“I hit yah Bm already soulja boy ask her who perform better hit for hit,” a tweet said. “I ain’t never told one lie he naming all these people he got songs with he don’t even know me an his Bm made a whole album… My d**k is bigger than yours,” a second tweet said.

“When I heard the word ‘Jaidyn’ come out his mouth now that’s where he f***ed up at that ones going to cost you every time,” one tweet said while another added, “I turn to a s*vage bout Jaidyn.”

Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis are reportedly broken up.