Bounty Killer and Beenie Man Catch Strays From D’Angel

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Dancehall artiste D’Angel has dropped a war song as she targets her ex-husband Beenie Man and ex-boyfriend Bounty Killer for choice disses ahead of the coming of Sting.

Sting is celebrating 40 years of existence, and it seems that D’Angel is making her bid for a clash this year. The dancehall diva is showing us that her back is broad as she takes on her exes in the new track “War Angel,” which disses several male artists.

D’Angel, whose real name is Michelle Downer, said she was the ‘Bad Dolly’ and warned that her enemies didn’t want her to raise the “Spain-town duppy maker” before going into her insults directed at fellow artiste Kyodi and Demarco over their recent beef.

“Kyodi, hitch up round a Marcus, can’t find a hit song, all now him cyah bus. Demarco a talk bout 6 mill, him a try escape cause him nuh wah get kill.”

Beenie Man and D’Angel at their wedding

Popcaan, Gage, and Foota Hype also caught stray shots- “When Foota Hype hear this him ago get fully mad but make him know ah Angel fully bad. Popcaan is like everything is like sittn’ wrong how yuh fi leff Kartel outta di bloodcl**t ad?” she asked.

“Gage go turn Tik Toker ah run from war, World Dawg him a follow,” she said, adding that Teejay and Byron were playing around.

She also slammed Bounty Killer for his recent on-stage dancing. “Mi see di killa a whine up pan stage. Talk bout yuh a badman, yuh is a damn disgrace,” she said.

Beenie Man’s appearance was also the subject of critique. “Beenie, yah suffer from malnutrition. From mi tap feed you, all yuh belly get bang,” she added.

Queen Ifrica’s recent controversial performance where she was dancing with a man also came under scrutiny – “I-freaky yah talk about me wrong and strong and me see you back it up pon man,” D’Angel said.

Her commentary touched many of the young and veteran artists with either commentary or a dig, and she did not leave out Sting.

“Memba say years unu a lockout gate pan me…the old man a talk bout him a book me and all now him nuh book me. Thank God though,” she said.

None of the artists have responded to her yet, and it’s unclear if D’Angel has been booked for Sting. Nevertheless, she is calling out folks in the industry she says are gatekeeping and trying to shut her out for years.