Caribbean Immigrants Must Vote Today!


CaribWorldNews, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. Nov. 2, 2010: This is it – D-Day for Caribbean and other voters across the U.S.

In an election where hatred and bigotry has dominated the campaign across these United States, it is imperative that Caribbean and other immigrant others especially, and more importantly, people of color, all band together to cast the hard fought for right to vote today, to ensure our civil rights are not repealed.

If there is any time to vote for keeping the change we fought for in 2008, it is today! We cannot allow the Tea Party Express with its bigots and racists to win anything today. For that will mean disaster and signal the beginning of the end for the progress made two years ago.

Let us make sure those of us who can vote, exercise that right today and not forget that this economic disaster President Obama inherited started with a Republican government that used its eight years in office to empty the offers of the country on a war that should not have happened and in a tax cut that benefited the very rich.

The Democratically-controlled House and Senate desperately needs to be returned to office across the country or elected in some states in order to ensure we get the issues of concern to us on the agenda. After we have achieved that we can then go back to demanding our issues, including immigration reform be addressed and we receive the payback we deserve for our voting power.

But first we must remember that this mid-term is more important than ever, especially if we are to avoid the descent into a pit of racist morons whose agenda for America is to take us back to the pre-civil rights area.

We cannot allow our impatience and frustration to dissuade us from voting Democrat or simply forcing us to sit on the fence and not use the sacred right to vote our ancestors fought for and spilled their own blood.

We must ensure that the immigrant and minority voting bloc send a clear message on November 2nd and that is that anti-immigrant rhetoric, racists and bigots, will not be tolerated in this United States of America. Vote or liberty could really be history today! – Commentary by Felicia Persaud/CWNN NY

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