Carnival 2020 To Be Officially Launched In May

Carnival 2020 To Be Officially Launched In May

As Grenadians bid farewell to what has been dubbed a highly successful 2019 Carnival, organisers have indicated that plans are already in the works for the launch of the 2020 season.

  Addressing government officials, media and winners of the various categories of carnival 2019 during a prize-giving ceremony at the Kirani James Athletic Stadium last Thursday, Chief Executive Officer of Spicemas Corporation Kelvin Jacob said the 2020 Carnival Season would officially open on May 2nd with carnival 2020 scheduled for August 10th and 11th.

 Jacob in his first carnival as CEO of Spicemas took the opportunity to thank the various mas bands and individuals who participated in the activities and the many sponsors, whose contribution he said, aided in the success of 2019 season. He noted that his organization is committed to strive for greater success in 2020. 

  Minister of Culture Hon Norland Cox, also present at Thursday’s prize-giving, in a brief address, commended all whom in one way or another contributed to the success of Spicemas 2020.

 The minister noted that Spicemas belongs to all Grenadians and therefore it would only take a collaborative effort to realize any level of success. He reminded all that they should take comfort in the fact that Spicemas is a unique and special product, one he said that is being looked at the world over and should never be taken for granted. 

Minster Cox noted the time has come for greater communication between the Ministry of Culture and the Spicemas Corporation, and the various stakeholders in getting people to better understand the inner workings of carnival, finding creative ways to improve the product and reduce the conflict and misunderstanding that surface from time to time.

 The cultural minister noted that that the doors to his office remains open to anyone who wishes to engage him in conversations once it is in the interest of improving the carnival product.

Measuring the success of the 2019 carnival season, with the marked increase in tourist arrivals, the minister noted that expectations in 2020 would be heightened and called on all Grenadians to do what is necessary to facilitate that movement, one he said that would benefit of all Grenadians.

 The highlight of last Thursday’s functions was the distribution of prizes to the various winners of carnival. 

 Prizes were presented to winners of the various categories of carnival namely King and Queen of the Band. In the Children’s Category, Commancheros and Associates and Rainbow City Mas Promoters. Band of the Year in the Children’s Category was Helen Marie and Associates.

 Traditional Mas Band of the Year in the Children’s Category; House of Creation, Junior Panorama; Republic Bank Angel Harps.

 The Junior Calypso Monarch, Kate Mitchell, was also awarded.

 Other winners awarded last Thursday were 2019 National Carnival Queen, Miss St. Mark; Odessa Merryman, Groovy Monarchs Shandell “Dash” Amade and Javaughn “V’ghn” John, Soca Monarch Jalon “Boyzie” Olive and Dimanche Gras winner Shawn Niles “Sour serpent.”

 National Panorama winner, New Dimensions, individual Old Mas winner Glenroy Steele, Jab Jab J’ouvert Band of the year “The Real Jab jab,” SMC Monday Night Mas winner “A Tropical Splendor,”

 Traditional Mas Band of the year, House of Justice (Shortnee), Tradition Mas pageant winner Hermitage Shortnee, Fancy Mas Band of the year capturing both king and Queen of the Band AJ and Associates and winner of the Huggins Lucozade 2019 Road March Ronnie Joseph Aka Runi J were also presented with prizes. 

   Special awards were presented to a number of mas bands that have made long standing contribution to Grenada’s carnival product over the years, among them were the band Andre Garvey and Associates that has given over twenty-five years of service to Grenada’s carnival, Lazarus Antoine and Associates twenty-six year, Rainbow City Mas Promoters twenty-seven years, Summer Crew, thirty years and Commanchros and Associates with contribution of thirty-six years. 

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