“Change is Inevitable”

Allister Amada

That’s my philosophy in life says Allister Amada, a student of the T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) doing two majors; Literature and Psychology, a past student of the Happy Hill Secondary School.

Amada spoke with the Grenada Informer regarding his involvement in theatre and said “I started theatre arts at the secondary school level while attending the Happy Hill Secondary School but did acting outside of school like in church since at a tender age, I had a passion for acting.

Although the major part of my life I grow up in church there were certain things about life I didn’t understand; in secondary school I wasn’t the A- student, I wasn’t a rich student, I was popular in school because by personality I’m an extrovert, always active”. Academically he said he never used to excel; however, in secondary school he wasn’t too sure of what he wanted to be. “I didn’t have any long-term goals.”

After finishing secondary school he said, he started working but wasn’t enjoying life, didn’t understand self but starting theatre was the game changer for him. He highlighted that he struggled with English but after two attempts he was able to obtain the English-A subject through attending the theatre arts sessions. “English-A hindered me from attending college when I wanted to, I had four (4) other subjects but English-A was compulsory to attend college but when I finally got the subject the first thing that came to mind for me was to attend college. My first time doing English-A, I received an ‘F’ in expression but today at TAMCC, I have a B+ in English Literature”.

According to Amada, theatre helped him to control his emotions, “I once struggled with depression, nevertheless theatre had help me to became analytical, it helped me to develop the love for psychology in College at the moment”.

“At this point in my life I am doing pretty well in psychology but it’s through theatre that have been doing psychology. I was introduced to theatre at age 16 by Roger William aka ‘Frenchie’ when he was a part of the role-play ‘Vomit’. Theatre to me is about sending a message; it is a therapy because it helped me at very low moments in my life, it helped me to be more analytical, it help me to analyze, assess situations, think outside of the box, it helps to find self, it shows you who you are, to be open minded, helps maintain character, helped me rewire and upgrade my life, it brings out the true person in me,” Amada noted.

He went on say that self is something one discovers through self-discovery, you know exactly who you are.

At this point he said, he is not only an actor but he writes poems and songs, which are the true rewards of being involved in theatre arts rather than narrowing oneself to one thing, he emphasized.

“My main goal now is finishing College since last year was a tough year for me with major challenges but through the grace of God and prayers, not forgetting the training I receive from GAFS, I was able to pull through.


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