Clouden, The Fort Jeudy scenario should not be taken lightly

Clouden, The Fort Jeudy scenario should not be taken lightly

Attorney-at-law and former advisor to the Government of Grenada on maritime law, Anselm Clouden is calling on law enforcement authorities in Grenada to treat the Forty Jeudy incident wherein a black Grenadian man was beaten by a white family, with the level of seriousness it deserves.

 Addressing members of the media during a briefing at his law firm in St. George’s on Monday Clouden said it is high time that people who come to live in Grenadian by whatever means, respect the natives of the land. Too often he said Grenadians are made to feel as if they are second class citizens in their own land, this Fort Jeudy scenario, he said is just another of the many instances where foreigners tend to diminish the rights of Grenadians in their own country, something he said that must be brought to an end forthwith.

In this instance, it was said one dog was accidentally killed by Grenadian contractor Evan Smith while dropping off workers on a construction site in the Fort Jeudy area. According to one of the workers, the dog ran beneath the vehicle and was killed in the process.

 The owners of the dog it was said, Donal Kavanagh and Sarah Hatton together with their two children retaliated by beating Smith taking his keys from his vehicle and striking him with his vehicle door in the chest. The matter was reported to the police who it was said responded by telling Smith’s wife if they want to take action they would have to do so by themselves.      

 While he welcomes the decision by the Royal Grenada Police Force to press charges on two of the four individuals whom it was said beat the Grenadian contractor, Clouden is questioning the rationale for not having additional charges laid under the Dog Registration and Control Act of 2010. According to the lawyer, the act lays down the guidelines wherein a dog must be kept by a dog keeper. He noted that the fact that the dog got killed in the road means that the dog was neither on a leash nor confined to the premises of the owner at the time it was killed. This he said is a clear violation of the act. The police he said ought to have investigated whether on not the dog keeper acted in compliance with the act.  

Violation of the act Clouden said carries a fine of $5000.00 and imprisonment for three months.

  The veteran lawyer also reminds the authorities that a critical component of the penalties to be visited on foreigners who violate the laws of Grenada is deportation, removal from the state.  

 Responding to the utterance made by police following complaints made by the Smith family to them shortly after the incident, Clouden said in his view the police failed to properly discharge their duty to properly investigate the matter to determine the proper course of the altercation or even prevent further breaches of the peace.

 What should have been done in this instance Clouden said was to effect an immediate arrest. 

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