Concerned Parents Speak Out

Concerned Parents Speak Out

Parents and teachers of the Samaritan Presbyterian School say they are disgusted with the physical condition of the school.

They are insisting that something be done about the present condition of the school in the rural St Mark parish because the building is no longer safe for anyone to occupy.

Parents are concerned that sections of the building structure, including the balcony are now unsound and continuing to deteriorate.  The concerned parents are also unhappy about what they said is a badly leaking roof. 

“Whenever it rains the school becomes very uncomfortable, with water leaking through the roof of some of the classrooms and by the time the rain subsides the entire classroom would be soaked,” said one parent. 

The parents said they are worried that the children’s health could be negatively affected if the situation continues.  A parent said a flaking wall in the downstairs of the school concerns her since it looks set to fall on the students at any time.

According to a source, the Ministry of Education is aware of the situation.

First Vice-President of the Grenada Union of Teachers, Findley Jeffrey has confirmed some of the concernsof the staff and parents.  He admitted that the wall over the verandah is chipping away. According to Mr Jeffrey, the ministry was notified in September, the union was called in and they all observed the situation but so far no solution has been decided upon. 

He added that one can see exposed steel in the floor of the two-storey building and they are afraid that the structure will cave in as the concrete floor deteriorates.  

Jeffrey expressed the wish that should sections of the structure collapse that it happens at night when no one is around because it can cause major injuries to students and staff if school is in progress at such a time.

There is also concern about water gushing out from under the school building and entering the playing field. The cause of this is not known but Jeffrey said it is a matter that should be viewed with deep concern. 

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