Constable Wilson dragged before the court in a legal battle

Constable Wilson dragged before the court in a legal battle

Former Superintendent of Police Godfrey Flemming of Corinth, st. David’s  has taken a constable to court in what is described as a legal battle, a statement of claim against constable Cosnel Wilson.

Wilson is currently attached to the Eastern Division at the Grenville Police Station but has been operating a phone repair shop named Data & Technology Solutions DATS, at the Grenville Vendor’s Mall over the past year, an area designated to vendors in Grenville that have been removed from the streets.

When the matter came up for hearing last Monday Constable Wilson was the Grenville Magistrate Court Orderly, he did not call the name of the defendant but told the court from where he was standing that it was he.

Attorney Andre Thomas who was representing Flemming in the matter told the court that the matter involved a television set, which was given to the constable for repairs, however, that television and money made available to the constable for the repair, ended in dispute, which led to the matter ending up in court.

 According to the constable the parts to repair the television were not locally available and therefore he had to order it to a cost of over four hundred dollars.

 Two hundred US dollars was given to him to purchase the parts, but months later the television was not repaired or returned to its owner. 

 Wilson when given the opportunity to speak told the court after the magistrate questioned his legitimacy as a certified television repairman, that he later noticed that the television had other problems and needed other parts.

Flemming was not present but his attorney told the court that he did liaise with Constable Wilson and was given specifications about the parts and therefore he was able to source the parts from China free of cost, which were then given to the constable to repair the television, but to date the television has not been repaired.

Wilson was questioned by the court whether he had the two sets of parts in his possession, those he ordered and those that were given to him by the lawyer, he said yes, he had the lawyer’s parts but the ones he ordered, he technically has it, a statement, which had court attendants bursting into laughter. 

 The court asked the constable that in as much as none of the parts he already has could be used, and additional parts would be required whether it would not have made more sense to purchase a new television, which is about two hundred US dollars, sell the parts in his possession and return the complainant’s television and his money. He replied yes, the parts could be sold.

 He then indicated to the court that he was waiting on the plaintiff. The matter was adjourned to 27th March 2019 when the plaintiff might hopefully be present.


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