THE HEAD OF THE WATER TAXI Association is calling on those responsible for the cruise port to take action to deal with the dumping of garbage on the seafront. 

Emmanuel Flemming, the association’s president, told this newspaper that they have taken the initiative on several occasions to clean the garbage that is constantly dumped between the stones which form the water break along Melville street cruise port. 

The Grenada Port Authority owns the property and is responsible for maintenance of the area however over the years no steps have been taken to solve the problem. 

Flemming said they have suggested to Port officials that garbage disposals be placed along the area to encourage people to do the right thing and dispose of their rubbish in a proper manner.

The area is a popular relaxation spot for locals where people go to socialize or to eat. 

Flemming said, “when you look you see Kentucky boxes and other food boxes and these things are not sold around here but if there are bins and people have things to throw away they would use the bin”. 

The spaces between the boulders along the sea wall are littered with cans, bottles, Styrofoam cups and food containers, fruit peelings and other types of garbage.  

Visitors walking from the cruise ships to the water taxis have a clear view of the state of the area and at least one visitor had been overheard commenting on the disgraceful site along the sea wall.

While the water taxi operators have been doing their part to try and keep the area clean they have not been getting help from port officials. 

Flemming said they pay to have the area cleaned but do not get cooperation from port when it is time to cart the garbage to the landfill. 

The Grenada Tourism Authority has also taken up the issue in the past with Port officials, suggesting that they place bins in the area but the Port Authority has said they fear it would cause a rodent problem. 

But there is concern that the current state of the area is already causing a rodent problem, and the solution is to provide covered bins that are emptied daily.

Nautical Development Manager at the Grenada Tourism Authority Mrs Nikoyan Roberts said what’s happening at the cruise port has the potential to hurt their brand development thrust.

Roberts said the GTA is concerned and will engage the business community, the Port which owns the property and other stakeholders, to try and find a solution to the garbage problem at the cruise port.

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