Cutlass Chase in Grenville Town


He was captured following the drama and the scare he placed on the town of Grenville; police took the cutlass he was wielding from him, while the man he had been chasing was still running for his life.

The accused man, a resident of Marquis St. Andrew, up to Tuesday afternoon last, was still in custody of the police, four days after a traumatic incident, which had persons mainly school children, running in all directions in Grenville. 

It was not your regular Friday evening last when two men, one with a foreign accent standing close to the Flow building on Ben Jones Street came under attack by another man. There was first a heated exchange of words during which the eventual attacker was heard asking, “man what you hit me partner for, he do you anything?” “Didn’t you see the man harassing me girl”, was the retort. “So a girl you hit the man for, the attacker said, all you think all you could come here and do anybody anything”, all the while making gestures with his hands, at times even pushing his hands in the foreign mans’ face.

 The man decided to walk away perhaps thinking that would put an end to the dispute, not knowing the real drama was about to begin. While walking away the foreign man shouted “boy you can do me nothing, me no talker I act”. 

The other man at that point left the scene, ran in the direction of the Grenville Vendors’ Mall and returned with a cutlass. 

Upon observing the man from a distance wielding the cutlass, the “foreigner” ran up George V Street towards the La Digue /Mirabeau bus stand with the other man in hot pursuit, cutlass in hand. Hundreds of school children witnessed the unfolding drama and panicking, began to run in different directions. The adult persons were running in the direction of the cutlass wielding man to see what he was going to do. By then the “foreigner” had entered a white bus, which travels the Birchgrove route, locked the door and taking refuge inside. 

The driver and conductor of the bus eventually joined the man with the cutlass in getting the bus open and started a scuffle with the “foreigner” to get him off the bus; a scuffle, which lasted for twenty minutes before the “foreigner” was eventually forced off the bus. A policewoman who found herself at the scene did nothing to help but took something off a seat of the bus claiming it was a weapon and left.

 The bus driver became highly agitated and was heard shouting, waving his hands in angry gestures “don’t come in me bus and do all you f —–g stupidness boy”. After this episode, the drama resumed as the cutlass wielding man was again seen running up the George V Street with cutlass in his waist and a Carib beer bottle in his hand. He flung the bottle at the other man who again began running down George V Street. His pursuer again took out the cutlass and began to chase the man down the street. During all this, not a single police officer were in sight. The man who was running for his life was now outrunning his attacker, into Ben Jones Street and towards Jubilee Street. 

The cutlass wielding man gave up chase at the junction of George V and Ben Jones Street, put back the cutlass back in his trouser waist and put on a colored T-shirt. By then a police officer in black was seen running up Ben Jones Street when a bystander said to him, “look the man entering the vendors’ mall”. The policeman then entered the mall and grabbed the man who still had the cutlass in his waist and took him to the Police Station. The “foreigner” was later seen at the station giving a statement to the police.      

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