DDG Says Halle Bailey Is A ‘Great Mom’, Has New Respect For Women After Seeing Birth

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Rapper DDG is singing the praises of Halle Bailey as he shared his feelings about becoming a father for the first time and seeing his girlfriend become a mother, something he said has profoundly impacted how he views women.

In a live video, the rapper said he wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to have a child with, and he’s amazed at Halle’s ability to effortlessly become a mom.

“Me and Halle had a baby together, I wouldn’t have chose no other person in the world to have a child with. We learning. She’s a great mom like it’s crazy, she’s amazing,” he said.

DDG also spoke about experiencing fatherhood for the first time and having much respect for women.

“I don’t know what it is but being a new dad is a great experience. It’s fun. Another thing, I seen him come out; I watched the whole thing. I was honestly scared, I was like man, I ain’t really want to see this but I’m like damn at the same time bro, I don’t plan on having a million kids…so I went down there and looked. It was the craziest I’ve ever seen in my life. I give women, I have a newfound respect for women, as a dude we really got it easy. I couldn’t imagine pushing a baby out of my PO. After seeing that I’m like this is crazy,” the “Elon Musk” rapper said.

DDG also shared that he was becoming comfortable dealing with his son whose name is Halo as he joked about learning about his bodily movements.

“My son peed on me three times already,” he said as he spoke about learning to change diapers.

“Changing diapers was probably the most thing I was scared about, changing diapers bro, he be doo-dooo-ing a lot, and I change his diapers and it’s fun, it’s like a video game at this point, I feel like a professional already,” the rapper said.

In the meantime, fans won’t be getting a good look at the baby’s face just yet, as his father said he and Halle Bailey wanted to savor the baby as long as they could. The baby he revealed was born healthy and was the “handsomest kid in the world… the best features of us as possible, he’s a beautiful and healthy baby, that’s the most important thing,” he said before thanking God for the child.