De Bourg back in Court on Tuesday

De Bourg back in Court on Tuesday

Former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Capital Bank Grenada Limited, Finton George De Bourg will have his day in court on Tuesday September 27, when criminal proceedings into his conduct and handling of financial transactions within the bank will commence at the Number Two Supreme Court.

 According to information reaching the Grenada Informer, High Court Judge Madam Justice Paula Gilford has fixed the trial date from the last sitting of the assizes and promised to proceed with the matter even if Mr. De Bourg fails for another time to put his legal team together. 

De Bourg who was arrested and charged in 2009 on a number of criminal charges including falsification of documents, misusing bank funds and fraudulent appropriation of property by a director has made several appearances before the court leading up to the present, however his substantive matter never got to a trial, the reasons are many, but key among them, unavailability of legal counsel.

 The former CEO’s arrest was centered on his handling of finance matters at his homegrown Capital Bank International. According to information circulating at the time, in excess of sixteen million dollars was unaccounted for and a number of ordinary Grenadians were disenfranchised, not able to retrieve their hard earned cash. Some have since passed on; others continue to languish in oblivion while the matter drags on before the court 

 At the last sitting De Bourg told the court that he was unrepresented although that pronouncement came moments after defense counsel Keston Samuel stood and announced that he was representing De Bourg. Samuel has since been banned from practice from practice in Grenada. It is now left to be seen, who will address the court on behalf of the former CEO.  He also told the court that he had a number of issues but planned to discuss them with his new attorney.  

 Director of Public Prosecution Christopher Nelson QC who is expected to prosecute the matter hinted in the last sitting that the court was no longer prepared to sit and wait, while Mr. De Bourg engaged himself in continued delay tactics. His comments also came in the face of mounting challenges from   De Bourg who is questioning Nelson’s suitability to sit on the matter. 

 With six charges before the court, if convicted on all six counts De Bourg can be sent to prison for a maximum of forty-two years.   

 The Finton De Bourg matter is however just one of the many major cases down for hearing over the fourteen months as the September Assizes get on the way.

Others include Lorna Langaigne on a charge of stealing by reason of employment, Raymond Beggs, for fraud by false pretence, Joshua Mitchell for non capital murder, Ally Mills who is also facing a charge of non capital murder, Akim Frank, non capital murder, and Colin Hooper, Osafi Bobb, Jozann Harriman, Rashida Marshall and Mahendranauht Dass jointly charged with possession and trafficking a controlled drug. 

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