Defying all laws including a weak Physical Planning Unit

Defying all laws including a weak Physical Planning Unit

 It seems evidently clear to me that some people in Grenada definitely have lots more rights and privilege than others, or is it a case where the colour of our skin still determines the degree of force meted out to people in Grenada by those in authority?

I make those claims and ask questions in the face of what I dub blatant disregard for the laws of country, a don’t-care attitude, and lack of respect for the people of Grenada and in particular the people of Non-Pariel in St. Mark, by a foreign national who only recently took up residence in the village but was allowed to construct a five-foot-high by forty feet long wall along the public road in the absence of a side walk.

It is well known, based on my information that those in authority at physical planning including one Mr. Fabian Purcell is fully a-wear of the situation, but despite several complaints, that wall that took well over two months to complete, was allowed to be completed without any interruption from the people who are charged with the responsibility, of looking after the interest of Grenadians, as it relates to best building practices.

  One does not have to be a university graduate, or possess any masters degree in construction engineering to know that in its construct, the wall is extremely dangerous for the motoring public, but more so for pedestrians who are now denied an escape route, in the event they need to escape an oncoming vehicle.

 The area in question is well known for high speed driving, and while one might argue that people need to protect their property, every country has rules and a roadside wall should not be that high or even so close to the public road. In this particular case, the wall on the property of Mrs. Isabella Peters is actually in the road.

 What is ironic about this situation, is that less than three hundred meters away from the wall in question, a similar project was undertaken by another resident, that individual had to meet all the necessary standards as laid down by the Physical Planning Unit. Included in those stipulations, was the distance she was allowed to build from the road. What is fundamentally different in those two cases, although both persons came from England, one is white and the other is black. 

 The present situation in the village of Non-Pariel begs the question, on whose side is the Physical Planning Unit working? Are they protecting something or are they waiting until someone gets killed before they go into action as is normally the case in Grenada? 

  When are we going to get it right in Grenada? Mr. Purcell, having admitted that you were aware of the situation and gave instructions to Miss Peters for the wall to be built at a specific height, why wait until it is completed before taking the appropriate action, having had full knowledge that the builders were not, according to you sir, following the instruction given?  Let me assure you sir, that in the event that something happens to anyone in the village as a result of that wall, you would have to live with your conscience. 

 Having spoken as my gut would allow me to, and being a resident of that village, I am of the humble view that there is still time, physical planning, to take the necessary action with a view to saving lives rather than having to regret later. Grenada belongs to all; no one is above the law. In-fact the law it is said is no respecter of persons, therefore colour, race, religion, political, affiliation or even the amount of money one has matters not.   I therefore call on Physical Planning Unit to do the right thing, or accept responsibility later.    

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