East Indian Businessman in Grenville Beaten


The quick response of the police following an incident in which a businessman in Grenville sustained injuries to his right eye after being attacked and beaten by two men, led to the arrest of the attackers.

The incident occurred on George Patterson Street last Friday some two minutes’ walk from the Grenville Police Station.

The victim one Mehfuzaline Saige alias “Sanu” said that he was sitting in front his business place when he was approached by four men; each of them was drinking a bottle of Guinness.

One of the men also had a bottle of rum tucked into his pants pocket. They questioned the businessman about whether he repaired mobile phones. He responded that he did not repair phones but he repaired watches. Sanu said he suspected that the real motive of the men was robbery.

An argument developed which led to two of the men grabbing the businessman and attempting to pour rum from the bottle into his eye. As the scuffle escalated the man holding the bottle of rum struck him with it to the left eye drawing blood and causing immediate swelling. 

The police was quickly contacted and Sanu was rushed to hospital where he was treated and discharged having received eight stitches to the wound. The injured man says he is still having problems with the affected eye and experiencing difficulties with his vision.

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